Upcycled Coat Rack

Introduction: Upcycled Coat Rack

To make this coat rack I used a slat from an old Euro pallet which I had left over from a previous project. Here you can see it put together, I found some old cutlery in a charity shop, with which I bent into a desired shape. Here I am positioning prior to fastening as I still had to stain & varnish the piece. The next pictures show the piece stained, varnished, cutlery fitted and fitted to the wall.

This was extremely straight forward and fun to make. The hardest part was fashioning and fitting the cutlery, be sure to invest in decent metal drill bits! Me, my wife and the kids all have a hook each, believe it or not the cutlery can hold a lot of jackets, scarves and bags! Enjoy.

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    Very original, this would be a neat item on the wall of a small cozy neighborhood restaurant or diner too. Well done.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! Very cool, I love the old cutlery. Very clever!