Introduction: Vegan Cashew, Chocolate & Pumpkin Spread!

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A lovely easy cashew, chocolate & pumpkin spread, made with soaked cashews! :) This will make a great tasty food gift too! :) When you make this, it will be gone in your mouth, very quickly! :) MMM it is! x

1. Pumpkin, chocolate & cashew spread: For 5 smaller jam pots!

3 cups of raw & un-roasted cashews, soaked for 1 night in clear water, well-rinsed & well-drained

2 cups home-made roasted pumpkin purée

1 cup of vegan chocolate drops, similar to milk chocolate!

4 to 5 tablespoons maple syrup, I used 4 tablespoons

2 teaspoons of home-made pumpkin pie spice


1. First, melt your vegan chocolate drops ” au-bain-marie “. Let it cool a bit. Pour it into your Vitamix. Place all of your ingredients in this order into your Vitamix or power-blender. Place the tamper into your fitting lid & press the power on, go from low-speed, from 1 to 10 & push onto higher power. Use the tamper & push all the ingredients into the blades & blend until it is to your liking. I blended it for about 1 to 2 minutes. I checked the consistency & tasted it. It was ready. Turn the high power off, turn the lower speed from 10 to 1 & turn the power off. Taste! Mine tasted fabulous!! It is a bit sweeter but not too sweet.

2. If you don’t have a Vitamix, mix everything well with an emulsion blender & then after mashing & puréeing the cashews, whisk everything well together. Taste much in between. You must taste the chocolate, the pumpkin spice & the cashews in the background. But I had to place my creation in some lovely jam pots with fitting lids & placed them in the fridge to cool off & to stiffen up a bit. They were great & thick enough as it is & they were ready to use & to eat up!

This vegan pumpkin, chocolate cashew cheese spread is so tasty! If the pots are in the fridge for a longer time, you must stir into the spread with a smaller spoon so that the maple syrup is well incorporated into the mix. Yummy Yum! Great to give away as a special food gift, at Christmas!

Store in the fridge.

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