Vertical Window Planter




Introduction: Vertical Window Planter

Everyone likes to put plants on their windowsill.  But why not take advantage of the light along the sides of the windows?

here's one way

Step 1: Cast of Characters

inexpensive curtain tension rod $3-$5.  Get one that will fit inside your window's vertical height 2 extra inches or more
8-10 empty plastic soda bottles (depending on height of your window
hot knife
tape measure
decorative paint that will adhere to plastic
spray bottle
heat shrink tubing or valve-tube attachment (5/16" female threaded coupling to 1/4" male tube coupling)
about 3-4 feet of flexible tubing (aquarium type is good)

Step 2: Prepare the Bottles

cut off the bottoms of all the bottles
cut little windows into the sides, about an inch from the bottom

Step 3: Paint the Bottles If Desired

Put the cap on the bottle and place it on a stick in the ground - this will make spray painting the bottle much easier.

Shake up the paint and spray it.

I chose a terra-cotta like color for this one

Step 4: Prepare the Bottom Bottle Cap

Remove the rubber cap from one end of the tension rod

To keep the bottom bottle from sliding off the tension rod while you are filling it with soil, cut a hole in it using the hot knife so that it will just fit on the tension rod.

Slide the lid onto the tension rod.

Replace the tension rod rubber cap.

Step 5: Add the Bottles One by One

thread each bottle one after another onto the tension rod

as you add a bottle, insert some soil and add seeds in the open windows

Step 6: Install in the Window

Take the whole thing to your window edge

Put a small dish at the bottom to collect any water runoff

Compress the tension down a couple of inches 

Place in window and center in your drainage dish

Let the tension rod go

Step 7: How Do You Water It?

In order to avoid using a step ladder to water it, I came up this little watering device.

It consists of a spray bottle with some aquarium tubing affixed to the nozzle

The aquarium tubing is tied to the end of a bamboo stick to allow you to position it.

Squeeze the trigger repeatedly till the water works its way up the tubing.

Now you can water your vertical window planter easily without stairs or step ladders.

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10 Discussions


4 years ago

awesome...can also be use for a vertical hydroponic or aquaponics set-up


6 years ago on Introduction

I live the watering contraption. Very clever. Please post pics once the plants get going, OK? I do think the size of the bottles are going to limit you to small plants, with small root balls, like strawberries maybe, or watercress and lettuces. There you go....salad in a window! Thanks for the idea.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I will post pix - will do. Strawberries would be nice. Not sure what plants are going to show up in the winter months, this will be an interesting experiment


6 years ago on Introduction

Wow that's a great idea, Voted! Good job, keep it up dude :D


6 years ago

I like the idea but it looks too small for anything other than a flower plant


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

You can use larger bottles and accommodate larger plants if you like.