Introduction: Wall Hanging Marble Display

if you like marbles but hate that you cant display your favorites

this is for you

Step 1: 1.grab Any Type of Wood That Is 1x4scrap or Not

make sure it 1 in.thick

4in. Wide

and at lest 3 ft long

Grab several eye screw in hooks

2 or 3 Different sizes of eye hooks if you got'em

White latex paint

And clear coat of some kind

Step 2: 2.cut Board Into 4 Even Pieces

use chop saw, skill saw, or table saw

sand the edges to make them smooth

Step 3:

use lwood glue ad a clamp to secure the pieces, side by side you can choose to make them even or add some flare by making them alternate

Step 4:

Step 5: 4.painting and Finishing

paint the entire piece with the whit latex paint

after about 15 min.use a metal scratch pad to remove most of the white


let dry fir 24 hours

use you clear finish to intensify the wood

Step 6: 5.

using your choice of eye hooks and pattern of your own design

you may want to place some hot glue around the ring of the eye hooks to help the marbles from slipping

last but not least, use picture frame brass teeth hooks to secure the marble hanger to the wall