Need advice...

I have a pvc bar made from 1 1/2" pvc schedule 40. the longest vertical pieces are 18" or less...I have a fishtank on it a 1/4 full and having 2nd thoughts.. Any guesses,estimates,educated insight on whether this will hold 0hh 450-475lbs ie 50gallon tank minimal gravel and deco plus fish lights etc...I'm still elaning towards I think so but i have a lot of electronics in the same room right now i dont need soaked.... And obviously I'm not holding anyone accountable for their opinion...

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Sound Circuit

What I want to do is set up a switch so that every time it is toggled, one of two sounds are played on a speaker (which I also don't know how to connect). How would I go about doing this? This is for a homemade Aperture Science Handheld Dual Portal Device.

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Need a Gas Tank

Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum section of the instructables! Not a bad place to be, really. So here's the thing. I have this old scooter that I've had for as long as I can remember. It was the very first thing I rode that was powered by a motor and my father bought it for me so I could get ready for my first motorcycle (Which was sadly stolen about a year ago :/). Last year, my dad went back to our hometown to visit family and he brought it back with him, but there was one problem. We have no gas tank for it. I have NO idea where it could have gone or why it wasn't brought back. Oh well though. I have this scooter, the same as Wesley666 does. I'm having trouble finding the gas tank on my own. Notice that there is a gas tank that I took from a weed eater just to try it out. But I'm not sure it would work out very well. I mean, look at the size comparison between the two? I also want to keep original parts on this nostalgic machine. Sorry if the pictures are oriented weird, but these are taken with my phone.You can see from the thread posted above there is a picture that shows a blurry close up to the gas tank and I can't really tell what it says. "Something EBR Motor". Long story short I need to get that gas tank, maybe even the gas line that comes with it, in order to get this thing working again. Does anyone know of the brand name of the scooter so I could get the original parts I need? 

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Need help with engine trouble.

Ok, i thought about buying this car, but want an idea on whats wrong with it, they sent me an email saying they checked the catalytic converter when i asked, its a rotary engine but on the post it said "Runs but slowly gets up to speed" and want an idea on that.

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i need a logo?

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Frequency help needed.

Does anyone know what frequencies of laser light can effectively and efficiently ionize normal air into conductive plasma?

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Project needs help

Ok. So I am printing a 3d model of the ghost from destiny... and it has a small LED light that activates when I twist the body. I'd like to make a hologram that spells the words "Hello Titan". I have seen some people use simple Holographic paper pyramid but how could I do this? After this is done I want to put a speaker with a pre recorded voice that says the same thing everytime the light activates? (Help would really be appreciated :)

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transformer help needed

Hi guys, i'm a newbie on here so i would like to take this opportunity to say hello :) i have a salvaged transformer that i'm working on at the mo. It is the primary that is blown, but the secondary is fine. I am in the uk, so it is designed to run on 240. Because i am looking to produce high amps, one solution would be to use the secondary as a primary, otherwise i am looking at doing a full rewind. i'm kinda new to transformers, but have enough knowledge for the job in hand. my question is how many turns does the primary need to have? i know that you cant give me an exact figure without the dimensions of the transformer in question (700w microwave transformer if that helps) but i seem to remember from school physics that there is an equation to work out the number of turns a primary must have at a given voltage, i have googled for days to no avail, i'm guessing it is out there somewhere, but i cant find it :( and the last question is that if the transformer was to have too few turns on the primary, what would happen when it was plugged in? my guess would be that it would short out the mains and the coil would rupture, possibly tripping the circuit breaker? many thanks to anyone who replies :) and merry xmas to all :) 

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Need Help With AirGun?

Okay, I've made air rifles before but this is a little more complicated... This one is a replica of a M14 (kinda). It's going to be powered on C02 cartridges and all the insides are going to be hid. So how it's going to work, you insert a C02 cartridge and pull a lever and that will push the C02 into a pipe that has an airtight seal and will pop the foil on the cartridge. From there the air will flow to a "holding" chamber, on the end of the "holding" chamber there will be a button valve (, from the button valve the air will flow to a second "holding" chamber were there will be a home made piston type valve ( Then you cock the bolt and a magazine or a single chamber (haven't decided yet) and a bullet type ammunition will be loaded in. The ammo has two parts (like a real one) the actual projectile and the casing, in the back of the casing there will be an air tight seal. A "tube" will be inserted when the bolt is pushed forward, and the seal will be made. So when you pull the trigger is pulled the piston will release the air from the second chamber and shoot the bullet out the barrel. So the shooting proses would cock the bolt, insert the bullet, close the bolt, press the button valve to release the "airlock" type chamber, and the pull the chamber. So what I need to know is how big do the two chambers have to be, what kind of velocity would I be able to achieve, and is this a good idea? Thanks for the help, Nick

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need to buy recycled ?HDPE plastic?

I live in ky. we do not have a center to buy recycle plastic HDPE  if someone can buy  recycle beads i can pay the S/H to ky i ould like black a good amount if anyone can help me 

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Does a tesla coil need a spark gap?

I was reading some instructables on how to build them, and they all have spark gaps, is that optional.  I assume it is just a power limiter for people who want to have control over their coil.

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how can I make latex?

I need this for movie making type things, liquid latex would be best

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Need help identifying a tool!

We're cleaning out my late grandfather's house in Caseville, MI. We found what we think is a garden tool but none of us could identify it. I need help identifying what it is and what it is used for. 

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need help selecting a controller

I have 3 nema 23 stepper motors. unfortunately I cant find instructions in English for the controller. and the controller is incomplete when shipped. the controller that came with it is a tb6560-t3-v5. never used, but cant find instructions nor anyone who can explain it to me. I need a new controller with good instructions for 23hs22-2804s. any suggestions or anyone who can explain that?

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I need a project for the day?

Today is my day off I have nothing to do an all sorts of crap laying around my house. Any ideas of what to make with general household objects something interesting and non conventional. If somebody could point me to a good instructable that would be awesome.

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Do instructables need disclaimers? Answered

I see a lot of instructables with disclaimers on them. If person A posts a dangerous project and person B is hurt trying it, could person B sue person A? In other words, are disclaimers necessary on this site when Instructables has its own terms of use?

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Need Help on Orrery gears

Hi, I'm planning on building an orrery and I need some help. I've been doing some research on instructions on how to build one. The main thing that I'm not completely understood with is the gears and how they actually work. I know a bit about some basic principles of gear ratios and stuff but not like the actual mechanism (ps i like to look at diagrams). I'm also planning on making 9 planets (i mean 8 + pluto and the moon and the sun). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Paper cutter fix needed !

The cutter blade is now stuck in the up position and can't be lowered. Could I use the beautiful instruction on how to refurbish a similar cutter (but different brand). Seems daunting if there is a simple adjustment instead of removing every screw and hoping to get it back together. (first time site user)Thanks

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Need information on 3D printing

So I am looking to make decorative phone cases using a 3D printer. But I have no experience with them. Essentially what I am hoping to do is make snap on or slide on covers. What kind of 3D printer would be able to do this? What sort of designs/colours would I be able to do? Anything I have to take into consideration?

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Postcard design - opinions needed

Inspire-me, people!I'm supposed to be designing a postcard to be sent to pupils who have done good work in science lessons, but I've hit a creative block.I'd like to use an XKCD-style cartoon, but copyright is an issue, since this is an official school publication.Update: WooHoo! The guys from XKCD gave permission to use the cartoon (thanks, XKCD)!

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Help, I need a project

So after many hours of looking through page after page few things perk my intrest on what I would like to make as a project. I would like to make something electrical and science related like some kind of apparatus of sorts. Link me the instructables or give me an idea. Thanks! (Perferablly able to be under a 100 or a couple)

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need help led project

I have made a stained glass cake stand for wedding cake and would like to add led lights on inside. I found "dot-it" led battery lights which would work fine except you have to push the light from the top to turn it on. Instead I need a small switch mounted on base of stand to turn light on. Can converting this be easily done? if so, how? Any other suggestions on how to easily light up inside of stand? Also have set of battery op led christmas lights which have switch and could use but they do not produce enough light and don't want to pay $10 apiece for 3 sets. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Need Help Making Circuit

I am working on a small weekend project that involves taking the power from the location on the PCB in a keyboard where the LEDs were and making it act as a switch to a small remote control outlet (Something Like This: )I have tried using an LED glued to a photocell, though I am thinking it is somehow acting as a resistor and limiting the power that can go through. I have some transistors, What kind of a circuit can I rig up with them to make this work?

Topic by DELETED_benjgvps 

Need Advice on homemade Broiler

I'm making a 24"x24" vacuform machine. I have the base built but racking my brain for a cost effective heating source.  Is it possible to take a replacement broiler element for an electric stove and just solder a split extension cord to each side? Or better yet get an adjustable thermostat cord like one that would come with an electric skillet and use that? Is this a safe way to do this? The unit that would hold this, would be steel and wood to help radiant heat down plus keep anything or anyone getting burned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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description of cell growth needed? Answered

Nowadays a question arose in my may sound stupid.animals  and humans take in food and then it is transferred from complex food to simple food.then it is transferred into energy. now i have the following question: 1)what type of energy is this?you know a bit, is this thermal or something something. 2)next if this is enegy a type of non shaped or non matter then does it help in our growth of cells.if it then how . 3)how is this energy helping us to move or do works? so its just out curiosity.thanks for viewing and further answering.bye

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theoritical based help needed Answered

When electricity is passed through a copper wire it becomes magnet.let be the matter ,electricity be  energy and the copper being magnetized be the if we pass magnet through copper wire then it produces electricity.we can say that matter+energy=result again result +matter =that energy.again if we see other examples like if we apply electricity to led light then it produces light again if we apply light to led light it produces electricity.again if we apply electricity to speakers then it produces sound but again if we apply sound to it then it produces is the thing that: matter +energy =result and again matter +result=energy is right?has any scientist proved this or it is incorrect? thanks for viewing and further answering

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Need to know about chains?

Hello guys, My question is about how chains and their links work. We know to old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Regarding links, assume a 1000lb. weight is suspended by one oval shaped steel link. Each of the ends of the oval link, with one end to the hook and the other end to the weight, are holding in tension 500lbs, 1000lbs or another amount of weight? Thinking about it another way, for the same 1000lb weight, if now suspended by a chain of 10 links of the same types of links, is the 100lbs evenly distributed to the 10 links where each link is holding 100lbs plus the weight of the additional links below it? If so, then the more links there are in the chain, the more weight (tension force) the chain can hold. Correct or does it not work out that way? Please clarify. Thanks, Bretina

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Need help with car audio?

So I have recently purchased an 8 inch subwoofer from a garage sale, wich was already mounted in the box. It has 2 inputs, a red and a black. I currently have it hooked up in replacement of the stock passenger side rear speaker in my 1999 ford ranger XLT, and it works well, but is not very loud. My question is 2-fold. 1: how would I go about wireing the speaker so that it could be used in addition to both the stock rear speakers without decreasing sound quality or volume, and 2: How could I increase the volume of just the subwoofer without affecting the other speakers? I have heard that there are "bass amplifiers" that i could hook in line but have not seen where I could purchase/ build one. Schematics and links would be very helpfull! Thanks,      Iloveairsoftstuff

Question by the mechanical engineer 

I need your suggestions for my upcoming iBle!!!

I was deciding on whether to let y'all know what I'm working on, and since I don't know much in the area I'm working in, I decided it would be best.I am working on an amphibious bicycle that can operate efficiently on land and water. There are just a few on the Interweb, and they are for sell at high prices ($500 bucks at least.)I am trying to do this with as little cost and as much recycled materials as possible.So far, I've decided that:My propulsion mechanism either has to be a prop like your average boat, or a paddlewheel. Both would be powered by my back wheel.I am considering wooden pontoons filled with 2 liter bottles or gallon milk jugs, reminiscent of this iBle.I want to stay as high as possible, but I want to be able to go straight from land to water and vice versa. Basically, no assembly required to change terrain.If anybody has any ideas at all, please let me know!Thanks much,Bran!

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Urgent Technical Assistance Needed please!

Hello! Everybody. Please I need your urgent response. I'm trying to make the 3d CNC milling machine displayed on the home page, but I mustn't be shy to say it on the roof for that I need technical assistance. All I understand is how to put up the physical components, pls I need assistance on the electrical aspect of it, the programme that will be controlling it and how to command it to mill a particular Job. Thanks

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Need help identifying style of ring.

I am needing some help identifying what style of ring this is. I got it as part of a repayment for a loan and need to know what type of ring to list it as. I know it is 10kt gold, the diamonds are real & the main setting is called an invisible mounting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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I need to buy a bike, yo.

I don't really know where to buy bikes at, but I sure as Hell need one. I need to know where I can buy a simple, non-expensive bike for preferably under 80 dollars. No mountain bike or fancy stuff like that. Just a normal bike, if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance, yo.

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I need an AC Voltage Stabilizer?

I have low voltage at my place which keeps on going even lower at night. I need to create an AC voltage stabilizer to keep the power at the required level (230v 50Hz)?

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Can a new lock need lubricated?

I had new locks put on my house.  A few months after they were installed, we had troubles getting the keys to unlock them.  I put some powder graphite in them and the locks seems to work fine.  I have been told however since the locks were new they should not have needed lubricated?  Is this true?  Or could the locks be bad and need to be returned?

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Need some understanding of propeller design?

I need some help in understanding the science behind aqua propeller designs.  For example what is the difference between modern outboard motor propeller vs. what they used in steam boats.  To me the steam boat design looks pretty good.  After all it displaces more water.   I would appreciate the help.

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Need build plans for dbl carport?

I need plans on building a sturdy double carport.  I purchased one of those HD packages made with metal rods and vinyl top but I am afraid it will be too flimsy and think I can invest that money in the material for a DIY if I can find a good inexpensive plan.  Thanks for the help.

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I need to find some parts.

I need to know what the parts on the base and stand of this table are. If you know where I might be able to get them that would be awesome. I think it might be easy to find but would like to know more information before I go searching. Thanks in advance! DP

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need help with procuring (obtaining) a motor

Hello all i am currently trying to make my own version of the batcycle and am in need of a good motor i currently am looking at a chainsaw motor but have second thoughts about it possibly being too powerful if anyone knows of some good web sites that detail how to rig the throtle and set up the motor i would appreciate it

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Hover shoes need your opinion

Do you think that hover shoes like the one in this video could be real if they are i might spend my christmas money on them i see many coments like this "i tried them and they work!!" but idk

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Need help with stepper motor controlling

Hi guys, I'm trying to build a contraption based on 6 stepper motors, wich I need to control via a Raspberry PI. Since I'm no good with electronics and my friends who might help are unavailable this period, I thought I'd ask around here for some advice/help. I know I need drivers/controllers for the motors, but each kind of motor requires a different kind of driver (based on power consumption, on electronic specs etc.) The motors I'm planning to use are: 42BYGHW811 and 28bygh102 / 35BYG103 (choice made based on needed power at smallest possible dimensions), and micro-stepping is something I could really use, because I need as fine a rotation as possible. So, the questions are: 1. can you point me to the right drivers, to buy? or give me some pointers as to what parameters to look for in a driver for these motors? 2. if not, can you design and build one driver capable of controlling all 6 motors, or separate drivers, and able to also achieve micro-stepping, at a decent price? I'm planning to make this project of mine available as a kit for sale, in the future, once we see it working - so bringing aboard a guy who really knows this kind of stuff is something I'm also considering (as of right now, we're 2 guys involved: I'm the designer and the other guy is the mechanical builder - we still need the electronics guy and perhaps the programmer) Any ideas/feedback are more than welcome! Thank you, Eros

Topic by enicolau 

Need Recommendation for 3D Printer for Makerspace

Aloha. I am in charge of purchasing a couple of 3D Printers and associated programs/materials for our developing Makerspace. We are a two-year college. The equipment will be used primarily by students. It may also be used for a credit class. I appreciate any suggestions. Mahalo.

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Indoor Plant Lighting Solution Needed

I'm planning on making a Instructable for the Indoor Gardening Contest, I was wondering whether normal LED lights will serve the purpose of mimicking sunlight OR power optimal/decent photosynthesis. I have normal white & blue led lights. Will they do?| If normal LED's won't work? Which lights should I use?

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Removable Mortar and Pestle help needed Answered

I would like to make an Alchemy Table (before I lose your attention please lemme explain) that has a removable Mortar and Pestle in the center.  I am planning either to have a removable M&P; or have one just built in (carved). I would prefer the first option. I have thought of just creating a hole with a slight bevel to keep it secure but I need help on how to know how big to make the hole.  If I can't get that done and need to make it built in then I would like to know how to make it structurally stable so it doesn't collapse under heavy grinding. (side note on the alchemy part: I am only an Alchemical Apprentice so I'm not ready to transmute anything yet. I'm only interested in it for medicinal purposes. This is going to be a summer project so I have some time to make sure I understand the principles or the practice.)

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need to cut a hole in an altoids tin? Answered

Right so im trying to make a speaker system for my bicycle and i have some smaller speakrs that i want to use an altoids tin as the box to mount on handle bars, but  i dont know what tool to use to cut the holes the speakers im guessing are about 1.5 inches in diameter.    or smaller.  anyone got any suggestions?

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Need some help on oil seals? Answered

I have a CH80 2 stroke bicycle engine that has a bad oil seal under the magneto.  Here are my problems, the seal size is 11.8x27x3.8 and after talking with someone who just sells seals he tells me that I would have to buy the seal from the guy I bought the engine off of.  He no longer sells these engines.  Even if I could find the same size seal I still haven't figured out how to take the old seal out of the engine.  Any help???

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Advice needed to fix a jammed seatbelt

Hello to anyone reading this, I have a jammed seat belt in a 1998 Ford Taurus, and I was looking for some help with fixing it. I've seen videos on youtube that offers an all-in-one fix for jammed seat belts for various car models (including ford), but I'd like get some opinions here before I consider using the video's steps. I've included a picture of the jammed seat belt. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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need help on electric go cart

I have an idea for making a go cart with a in wheel motor, same idea as the volvo recharge My idea is to have electromagnetic "flaps" that can be turned on and off and i was wondering how i could turn them on and off precisely so i could control the acceleration and other variables I was thinking about using a hall sensor but i couldn't control very much about that so any ideas would be great thnx The flaps that i am talking about are a coil of wires, laminated, and i will have alot of them. then i would place them on a smaller wheel side by side. they need to be actuated so that if there was a magnet that is before it the coils will turn on and when it passes it will turn off, i would need to control the actuation of the coils so i could accelerate. And would a variable resistor be able to control the speed of the cart? Report Post Reply With Quote

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need help with 2 cycle motor

So i am having some severe issues with a motorbike i am building. i have an old 2 cycle mccholluch pro-scaper weed eater. i took it apart, cleaned it, put it back together with a brand new plug and it ran nicely. Now, a few days later, it wont even start, not even a putter. i have tried everything, even a hefty shot of ether in the carb, but still nothing. i know i am getting volts to the plug b/c i checked with my meter, but im not sure if im getting spark. it is a brand new plug. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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I need to be able to see the charge level of a 6v rechargeable battery and want it to be as simple as possible?

I need to be able to see the charge level of a 6v rechargeable battery and want it to be as simple as possible?

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