Contests on the way? Answered

Does anybody know if there are any new contests that are coming up soon?

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Contest Voting

My wife submitted a dress for your contest that needed to be done by 6/12/11 midnight. She did so at about 11pm on 6/12/11 and your site stated that it was accepted. BUT now the voting has started & her dress is not listed!!! Why? Her name is Conny Johnson.

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contests results ?

Where can I see the contests' results of the woodworking projects  (I can see the invitations for contest but not the winers products.) Thank you Pessach levy

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Metal contest

I have recently completed two metal projects and didnot document them. Are they eligible for the the contest?

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Contest rules? Answered

Are you allowed to enter more than one contest at the same time and win both? Can you win both grand prizes? Do you have to wait awhile before you can enter another contest?

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Being accepted into contest?

Its been four days since i submitted my instructable into the jury rig and epilog contests and was just wondering if you get a notification when its been accepted or do you get on if you aren't accepted. Thanks!

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Contest : Bike Weapons

I was hoping to pimp out my bike with James Bond esque weapons. An example would be a way to deploy oil, tacks, smoke, or water out the back of the bike. Rockets wouldn't be so bad either. Mines or flame thrower would be great. Try mounting the control box on the handle bars. I do have basic Oxy-acetylene setup that is good for all around jobs. I also have black powder and other chemicals like KNO3. Please leave a picture below of the project with details, plans, etc. etc. I know there are a lot of bright minds out there who would find this fun and challenging project tailor-made for them.

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potato gun contest

I am proposing a potato gun contest but not any kind of potato gun contest. i am proposing a concealed weapons potato gun contest. air or combustion and it has to screw apart to fit in a briefcase or on your person it can also already be small enough so that you wont have to take it apart use your imagination i am eager to see what people come up with also disguised potato guns are also welcome. thanks for humoring me PhD

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3-D Printing Contest

I saw this 3-D Printing Contest announcement in WIRED Magazine, Feb 2013 Issue. go to this link for details, and look fo "THE WIRED 3-D PRINT-OFF" banner.

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Locating Collaborators for the Makerspace Contest?

Is there a way to locate other Instructable members that live within the 100 mile limit of this contest? I only know of 1 other member in my area and the contest states you need to have a team of 5-20 people. FYI If anyone in the southeastern PA area wants to join the contest, send me a private message.

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Pocket sized contest open to?

Can i enter the contest if i live in ireland?... i need to win that camera

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Ownership of ideas after a contest? Answered

If you submit your idea in an instructables contest, does the idea-owner remain the idea-owner, or do you give the organizing party (or sponsor) the right to commercially exploit you design? I didn't find anything about IP in the terms of agreement on a first quick scan, but wanted to be sure. Also, can you enter with a design that's also (already) commercially sold (by yourself as the idea-owner)? Thanks! Jan

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A genius idea for the woodworking contest !

..and I want to know how to make it  Here it is:                             Dual swinging doors for a bedroom.  Saloon style, but full-length. I want to put them in my room because that would be awesome.  May the best project win!!!

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Citizen Science Contest - SciStarter

Citizen Science Contest Millions of "regular" people are helping scientists discover galaxies, measure climate change, track species' migrations, monitor air and water pollution, and more through citizen science projects featured on Help make their experiences better by coming up with solutions to some real annoyances: stop critters from eating sunflowers planted to observe pollinating bees, help remind volunteers to reset rain gauges and report measurements, link activities to social experiences. Or, dream up your own home-based research project that involves public participation to advance a field of scientific research. The Challenges: To get you started, we've listed four specific--and very real--challenges sent to us by project organizers. These problems impact the experience of the participants, and/or the ability of the project to reach its full potential. Select one or more to solve or come up with your own creative solution to a challenge you face as a citizen scientist! - Create Inexpensive Hail Pads - Stop Critters from Eating Sunflowers - Help Participants Submit Their Data - Provide 1000 cheap, wireless climate data loggers Enter now! Contest closes January 21, 2013

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Italy not allowed to contests. Embarg?

Hi, I feel a bit disappointed about this... I used to partecipate in the past in a lot of contests in the past.I have a lot of coloured shirts at home, and a cool steel mug, won in some contests. It was nice partecipating. Is there an embarg now to Italy, as it seems we are not allowed anymore to enter contests?It was so cool, that's why I'm a bit sad.I found a few other thread, but unfortunately, I couldn't find an answer.Thanks.

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When will the winners of the Fix It contest be announced? Answered

I have been anxiously awaiting the results of the Fix It contest but I'm not sure what the deal is. This is the first contest I have been in the finalists for and I'm not sure what the norm is. It originally said that the judging would end the 15th and then on the 15th it was changed to the 17th. After the 17th it just said that the winners would be announced soon. It is now the 21st. How long does this usually take?

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can a greek resident enter your contest?

Hello, i am from Greece and have been a member here for a long time. I have entered a couple of contests but recently i read on the rules that greece is not in the listed countries. Does this mean that i cannot enter your contests or that even if i do enter i could never win any of the prizes ? Tjhank you in advance, Stathis

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Traditionally built furniture - maybe as a contest?

I saw a quite old "home improvement" show from the 80's the other day and was stunned to remember how much we gained in ready to use parts and tools these days.A part of the show focussed on a custom made dining table with a matching cupboard/sideboard.The interesting thing here was that no nails or screw were used.Tongue and groove systems, smart notches and such were used instead with just wood glue.I admit the professionals made it look easy to use a hand planer and chisels to carve out some ornaments and details but the result speaks for itself IMHO.We now mainly use power tools, ready to go parts like metal angles, easy screw systems and so on.Wouldn't it be great to have a contest where people actually build wooden furniture, even if it is just a chair, by using traditional tools only?To misuse the term call it "Organic furniture" ;)

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Why is it that Mexico isn't included on the list of countries eligible to participate in contests? Answered

I thought there was a Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement in place? We´re next-door neighbors! :(

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Why can't I enter my 'Ible?

I made my 'ible on the efficient LED light system for my bike. But since I made it before this new LED contest, I can't enter it! It's the perfect entry and I want to get it in the contest. Why don't they allow previously-published entries?

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This contest is very cool. It will be a nice and very very mind blowing contest

COOOOOOOOL This contest is very cool. It will be a nice and very very mind blowing contest

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Can i post a personal contest in the form of an instructable? Answered

I would like to host a personal weapons contest at some point in the future. Will i be able to post information about the contest as an instructable or will i have to have it a a comment on the contests page?

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Email Alert Sent for New Contest Please

I know this has been asked for before, but I'd like to send it in again. I would LOVE to know when a new contest is created, the earliest the best. Being busy I don't always remember to check Instructables, especially if I haven't been doing any project work lately (dang work!).Getting an email for new contests would be awesome.Thanks

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As a university teacher, can I create a contest to my students? Answered

I am trying to teach to my design students the power of collaboration and crowdsourcing in design. To this, I am thinking to create a contest to these students create and share their ideas to the public and discuss. Is there any possibility to create a contest, or a group, to my students submit the ideas? Thanks!

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Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

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Confused Crocodile

I'm a confused crocodile...I wanted to compete in the 3d money clip challenge and will still design something for it :) . After numerous times of trying to make the software work it just didn't so I'm going to try to use some other CADs that I have. With that being said here lies my confusion about this contest.The prize(s) for the 3d money clip contest is a $100.00 credit for five winners. I went to the website and there's a membership fee and if you aren't a member then the cost of services is higher. Plus, there's an hourly charge for the services and I'm basically confused as to the benefit of a $100.00 voucher/credit. Would that be enough to make a 3d print of the 3d model for the winners of the contest?

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New DIY Instructables contest: Going Green

Well, over the past week I was thinking about the environment... and now I'm watching that "6 degrees can changed the world" on NATGEO and it's scary...So I was thinking, why not a new contest? The GO GREEN!! Contest. The challenge would be to make DIY stuff that has to do with using less energy and making the planet better. An example of an entry wcould be a solar oven . What do you think? P.s. Have a waffle ;)

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WAT.1 paper airplane contest [closed]

WAT.>1 paper airplane contest [closed] New Contest: WAT.>1 Contest - This contest is simple, make a paper airplane, put the link in the comment and see if you have won or not! Prize: 1st Free Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Key Code, 2nd Free Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, 3rd Be a Extream Member of our group! Runners Ups Prizes: A Bronze Medal handed out by OrigamiAirEnforcer.   The contest ends at the 29th July 2011. To enter: Go to the comment [below] and put in the link of the instructables and you might want to put up you image to stand out and a comment about it. Prize: 1st: Free Windows 7 Ultimate Activation Key Code and a Gold Medal to be handed out from OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 1st prize person. 2nd: Free Microsoft Office 2010 Professional and a  Silver Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 2nd prize person. 3rd: Be a Extream Member of the Paper airplane builders [Club and group] 2 2011 group and a  Bronze Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer to the 3rd prize person. Runners Ups: A Bronze Medal to be handed out from   OrigamiAirEnforcer. Objective: You needed to make any paper airplane but it got to be good as it can be and it has to be in the instructable.   Final Date: 28th July 2011.   Review Date 29th July 2011 Since vishalapar is the only one to enter it, he will get the taking part prize.

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How to delete an instructable that has entered a contest? Answered

I made an instructable and i got it entered into a contest. I want to delete the instructable. But i cannot delete the instructable becuse its entered into a contest. The contest is now closed. What do i do to delete the instructable?

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How can I submit my Instructable to a contest? Answered

How can I submit my Instructable to a contest? Before now, I could just click on which contest I wanted to submit it to, but now it is trying to get me to make a group or something?? and when I do it gives a 404. Please help -Me

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Why do Pro members always win contests? Answered

In many contests i have seen only pro members have won. Some winners are wining with basic non creative things. What do pro member have over free members?

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Help participants submit their data - Citizen Science Contest

The SciStarter Citizen Science Contest is live! This is your opportunity to help millions of citizen scientists contribute to real scientific discovery. Make their experiences better by coming up with solutions to some real annoyances that hinder their participation. To get you started, here is a specific--and very real--challenge sent to us by project organizers. HELP PARTICIPANTS SUBMIT THEIR DATA Background: Project BudBurst engages the public in making careful observations of phenophases, such as first leafing, first flower, and first fruit ripening. Scientists compare this valuable environmental information to historical records and learn about the prevailing climatic characteristics in a region over time. The Problem: Prospective and current volunteers are often unsure if they have correctly identified plants and phenophases. This may lead to them not submit the data they've collected. Other volunteers simply forget to add their data. The Challenge: Find a way to encourage and remind participants to submit data after making field observations. Enter now! Contest closes January 21, 2013

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Stop critters from eating sunflowers - Citizen Science Contest

The SciStarter Citizen Science Contest is live! This is your opportunity to help millions of citizen scientists contribute to real scientific discovery. Make their experiences better by coming up with solutions to some real annoyances that hinder their participation. To get you started, here is a specific--and very real--challenge sent to us by project organizers. STOP CRITTERS FROM EATING SUNFLOWERS Background: The Great Sunflower Project uses data collected by citizen scientists to create an online map of bee populations. Participants grow sunflowers, observe how many bees visit those flowers, and then submit their observations. The Problem: Critters, like mice and birds, often eat the sunflower seedlings before the bees are able to visit. As a result, some volunteers are unable to collect and submit data. The Challenge: Create a safe, simple way to ensure the sunflowers are protected from critters and reach maturation. Enter now! Contest closes January 21, 2013

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Would you like a FREE Pro membership?

Just post a link to your best instructable and if you're not a Pro member already, you may be the lucky recipient of a FREE 1 year pro membership!

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3D Printers for Peace competition - ideas that benefit humanity

Michigan Tech University has opened a 3D printing contest: Printers for Peace! They are challenging the 3D printing community to design things that advance the cause of peace. This is an open-ended contest, but if you’d like some ideas, ask yourself what Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, or Gandhi would make if they’d had access to 3D printing! Prizes:   1st Prize Fully assembled, open-source Type A Machines Series 1 3D Printer The Series 1 recently won best in class in the Make: Ultimate Guide to 3-D Printing. It has a 9-by-9-by-9-inch build volume, prints at 90mm/sec in PLA, ABS and PVA with 0.1mm resolution. 2nd Prize Michigan Tech’s MOST version of the RepRap Prusa Mendel open-source 3D printer kit The RepRap can be built in a weekend. It has a 7.8–by-7.8-by-6.8-inch build volume on a heated bed, prints comfortably at 80 mm/sec ABS, 45 mm/sec PLA, HDPE and PVA with 0.1 mm resolution. 3rd Prize MatterHackers sampler pack: MatterHackers sampler pack of 3-D printer materials of 3 PRO Series PLA spools, Laywoo-D3, Nylon, and Soft PLA. Anyone in the United States or Canada (excluding judges and their relatives) is welcome to enter. Contest closes September 1, 2013. For more information and to enter visit the Michigan Tech site 

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PopSci National School Inventor's Challenge

Our friends at PopSci are holding a National School Inventor's Challenge! Winners get $5,000 in science equipment for their school.Details:Teachers submit their students' inventions and/or ways to improve the world - it seems to be open for individual and group work. Separate categories for elementary, middle, and high-school entries. US-only.

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