I am currently working on a project that requires energy harvesting ,so i decided to use electromagnetic induction for the purpose. However I can not decided how to design my magnet and coil combination. All i know is i want 2.6-3.3v and 26mA for round about 4 ns. The setup in brief required a movable permanent magnet and a stationary coil. The moment of the permanent magnetic is like a oscillating pendulum just for once but with a sleed of say about 15km per hours. So can you please suggest me how should i start designing. thank you

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Http://www.taskled.com/techbflex.htmlI wonder if anyone can helpI want to make a bike light using CREE leds (*4) and have spotted the bflex (see here - http://www.taskled.com/techbflex.html - I was going to go for the UIB2 version) as it has battery monitoring facilities built into it. You set two voltage values v(low) and v(med). There's a connection on the board V(stat). S is the voltage from the battery.V(stat) = 0 if S is higher than v(med) => State 1V(stat) = 3.3V if S is between V(low) and V(med) => State 2V(stat) = alternates 0 and 3.3V between 0V and V(low) => State 3So I was thinking (of displaying this via 2 LEDs (green and amber))State 1 - green on, amber offState 2 - green off, amber onState 3 - alternating between green and amber.I was hoping to combine the LEDs into one bicolour LED. If anyone has any cunning plans or improvements they'd be appreciated.. whatever it end up with though it mustnt use up too much battery power.

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Resource regarding Electronics

Hello everyone, this is kaatan. A new member of instructables.com with a question which I seek for a very long time. With good resource in Computer and Programming I've mastered Computing skills and Info Security (BTW I'm a Computer Science Student who is Admin of a under developing site). But I'm not satisfied with my skills and I wanted it to be extended for robotics. I knew that I need some Physics, but that is not a problem at all. All I need is a good book for beginners on Electronic devices, which will provide me with in depth explanation and easy to understand and do projects myself (I'm more enthusiastic to learn). Anyone with this resources similar to this please share with me or if you need any doubt or resources ask me :)

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electronics remote control

Could anyone suggest how to build an electronic system for using a radio signal to turn on and off another circuit. what i mean is a transmitter with a button you could hold and press a switch and a reciever in the circuit you want to switch on and off which prevents power reaching the circuit unless you are transmitting. i would want to be able to transmit over atleast 20 metres and through thin walls, aluminium foil and clothing. thanks.

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electronic tornado simulator

Anyone knows how this works? there is no instructable how to do it with a electronic solution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P54M9X42y1M&feature=related

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Circuitry (Electronics) Help/Books

I am looking to expand my electronics knowledge. I already know the basics (and a bit more), so please no suggestions for the basics. I know enough to build my own basic custom circuits. I am very knowledgeable about the Arduino (I use it practically every-day). I know how to use resistors, capacitors, transistors, most diodes (LED, Photo-resistor, current-blocking, one way, zener, etc.), and much more. I am self-taught, but want to further my education. I am VERY interested in robotics (I plan to work in aerospace engineering when I'm older), if that helps any. I am in need of good books to read on. I've gone through most of the projects in Forrest M Mim's books that I got in a kit from radioshack. I really would prefer some eBooks, though. Free is good, but I'll pay if it is necessary. Thanks! (:

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CNC Electronics - Grounding and probe

Hello!Reading about proper grounding of cnc electronics I saw that ground has to be isolated from power supplies negative. So, I have a copper plate with ground cables from 48v, 12v and 5v power supplies with ground cable from the wall. Everything works fine but the machine itself, has no ground cable because if I attach the negative of my probe cable I will be connecting negative to ground... This morning touching the machine structure and the door handle (the door is metalic) I felt a light discharge. Should I connect the maching to ground? Can this affect in any way the electronics with that negative to ground? ( the discharge was lightly, I can live with that lol)The router has no ground cable, maybe that was the reason for the discharge.Thanks!!

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Recommended tools for salvaging electronic components? Answered

I've been holding on to a couple of old wireless routers and a VCR and am now ready to do some damage and get out the servos and etc. Any recommended tools you would consider 'must-have' when salvaging electronic parts?

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Mechaniical vs Electronics special course?

I am not going to take a whole college course as I have finished Bs in Computer Science already I just want to explore more and create things that are physical or hardware that I can program, I just wanna explore the possibilities I have and be able to create, what courses should I take? I am willing to study anything just not the whole college semesters again I just need the major subjects or workshop that I can attend with hands on.  I am more of a self study person so a very good fundamentals of basics of gears circuits that works well with a program should do so Ill have a smooth start.

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Electronic Workshop Material Layout Drawers?

I am using my room as a workshop as a very electronics still has some problems, but brings the room to be small. You know, at the same time the electronics archivist, a lot of people on the way :) hurdacıdır sees things would take a kick would be valuable for us in the future Benimde he saved up a lot of useful material use, have the device. I made an arrangement for sığabilmek pretty even threw a sofa bed in the room for years, sleeping in bed in the lounge :) I'm doing this way, but if you have components at one component is not regularly work more and confused, lost a lot of time searching for materials. I recently cleaned out my drawers almost all of the material that I had to actually put the order to buy the materials I got in my hand, look for a material with the lost time, etc. .. read labeling is very important especially in the business of editing, eye-catching symbols to be used for this circuit elements when you get out of the printer at one color was very stylish :) I'm looking for easy to find ingredients. Symbols, color labels photoshop etc. can be used as graphics programs. I already used the circuit diagram is easy to use drawing program for the SPLA program for the symbols that have already. If you want to find your way around this type of material karmaşaşası not want to live, use a labeling system or writing paper, according to the material used for the label color to color did not use the for example, the resistance to black text on yellow paper for a variety of open, transistors, such as the black text on light blue paper .. In the meantime, much of the same type of material containers for the blank CD in the drawer it just works great stuff evaluates them also very expensive .. I am using this as storage boxes usually take a little time pulling pushing continue to work .. The SPLAN schema label files created using the drawing program and added a short video on how to use the program ". Spl7" SPLAN 7 program and edit files with the extension or "http://www.abacom-online.de/updates/ sPlan70_Viewer.exe "program, you can open and print output

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24 Volt AC volt to 12 volt dc?

Hi guys i have a 24volt ac motor and want to reduce it to 12v dc. I have worked out how to change it to dc but not how to reduce the voltage. Is this easy to do or do i need to purchase something from the electronics store. any advice would be appreciated sam301

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Why is a resistor connected in series witha diode in a rectifier?.

When I asked my teacher he said it is used to make the output voltage unidirectional.It is confusing.Then what is the rectifier for?

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is it possible to make a rc citcuit for a very small car?

I want to make a small rc car. i have everything done other than the rc circuit and remote. is it possible to make a small circuit. if so give me the circuit.

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How do I wire an electronic flashgun?

I'd like to build an electronic flashgun, like those used in magic tricks. Basically you put flash cotton in the base of the barrel, then some flash paper on top of that, and when the glo plug ( cigarette lighter thing ) at the base heats up it lights the cotton which shoots the now lit paper from the barrel causing a flame thrower type effect. So I'm after some advice and instructions from anyone out there who knows more about DIY electrical wiring and whatnot than I do ( which is basically everyone ) so that I don't hurt myself from lack of know how XD In return I'll make an Instructable of my efforts so other people can make their own

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What is the function of "Enable Input" pin in a multiplexer?

I was studying Multiplexers and I found this term in the circuit. I cannot understand what is it used for.

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Ii want to display the battery charge of a flashlight?

I am looking for a way to display the charge level and possible even control the light out put of a flashlight. It would be kind of neat to get one to control several.

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What kind of power supply for this LED array?

Hi, My grow light failed on me recently. It's a series circuit of perhaps 3W diodes.  LED array pic: http://i.imgur.com/YQfJSrZ.jpg There are 18 diodes, and the colors are:  10 x 660nm (red), 3 x 630nm (red), 1 x 610nm (orange), 1 x 520nm (green), 1 x 430nm(blue), 2 x 450nm (blue), Total: 18 pieces Driver: http://i.imgur.com/Fpt2x4q.jpg I'm not really that knowledgeable about electronics, so what specs should I look for when buying a replacement driver? Is it as simple as getting something that is 8-12W like in the image, or is there more to it than that? Thanks.     

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please help!!! me out guys. I am not getting the data sheet of the transistor BQD882 P03.

If any body knows any small piece of information regarding it then please let me know as soon as possible. I will be thankful to you if u help me out.

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Kirlian Photography device from Imagesco

Does anyone know where I might be able to find .02 uf capacitors rated at 250 volts as used in this kirlian device? I need to find it for my alternative photography class. http://www.imagesco.com/articles/kirlian/kirlian-photography-device.html Thanks in advance

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Why do I need a blocking diode on the output end of a solar panel?

In some of the instructables dealing with solar panels, the instructions call for a 1N314 blocking diode. Is this really necessary? What happens if you don't put one in? Does the solar panel glow or something? Would a LED be just as useful? Where could I scavenge one if I had to use such a diode?

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Im looking for a simple circuit that shorts an mp3 players play button briefly

For a Halloween project, barking dog head need a circuit that when powers on "presses play" (will solder wires onto play button switch just needs to be a short pulse to get the unit to play the circuit will need to be triggered by a 6v dc motor starting...and can use the same power as the motor to power itself... pretty straightforward  motor comes on - powers circuit - circuit shorts play button for a quick pulse - mp3 player plays sound clip - people jump and scream thanks in advance

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How can a I make a circuit to change between 5 led lights in order when a button is pressed

I hope i'm asking this in the right section and please bear with me i'm a real beginner. I tried to googleit but I don't know the name of what i'm trying to accomplish. I want to build a circuit that does the following: I have 1 on off switch, 1 momentory off - on push button and 5 led lights. When I power the circuit using the switch I want the first led to be on. When I press the push button I want the second led to turn on and the first to turn off. And so on.... when the fith led is on and the button is pressed I want the first led to turn on. I hope that explains it clear enough for you to get what I am after. If anyone can point me in the direction of a guide/tutorial on how to accomplish this it would be a great help. Thanks

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Hamster's heating pad

The winter is on it way. I'm having a hamster, a winter white, but the last winter his caught cold and it cost very much for him to cure him. I don't want my hamster to be sicked any more, so I made a heating pad for him. I used this instructable  https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-heated-clothing/ and I found it is very well. I use a two - meter 26 - gauge wire, and it only result in a 0.15 ohm resistance. With an 1.5 v voltage, It work well and i need a 10a fuse to protect this circuits:) But last week it overheated and my hamster was burned, quite bad. I'm wondering if there is a solution to this. Would you mind giving me a circuit in which: - there is a thermistor to sense the temperature. - If the temperature is to high (30 celcius degrees ), it gives a relay some voltage and the relay breaks the heater circuits. - And it component should be popular, cause I'm a kid and don't have many time go round n' round to find them. Me and my hamster will very appreciate your kindness. Thanks all.

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dust protection for computer and router?

Im the designer for a plastic/wood furniture shop. I'm having problems keeping dust from computers, even with equipment not in the workshop.  (office on the side) what would be the best design to keep airflow for computers and hardware but minimize the dust. Thansk. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19129520/Photo%20Jan%2016%2C%202%2035%2047%20PM.jpg

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5V Nextel Phone Charger OK to use?

I have a phone charger for my Nextel phone. On one end is a wallwart for a standard US outlet. The other end is the proprietary Nextel connector. The phone connector end was unfortunately broken, but fortunately I have a spare :) I believe the rest of the rig works fine, and rather than throwing it out, I took a look and it was rated 5V @ 800mA DC. AFAIK, 5V is what most USB devices work off of. Would it be suitable if I snipped the end off and rewired other connectors on to this and used it as a charger for other devices? Thanks in advance!

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Power Banks vs. ac wall outlets

I've observed in many power banks, that they charge up my phone a LOT quicker than a conventional ac adapter plugged into a wall socket. Why is this so? Many of my friends share the same observation. I'm building a simple power bank myself, and I want to make sure I can enjoy this feature when I use it too. I plan to use this instructable as a guideline with some modifications: https://www.instructables.com/id/Rechargeable-homemade-Power-Bank-super-Easy/ I'll be using four 3.7V batteries in parallel and stepping it up with a step up converter, so that the mAh value gets added up (forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe mAh adds up when batteries are in parallel). Will this arrangement give me faster charging times like the power banks available in the market? Is it a safe circuit? Please suggest as I am eager to build this :) Thanks in advance :)

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Touch Screen AC Control for car, please help

Hi everyone, I need some help. I have an AC fan switch that is going out on my truck, it seems there is a design flaw with the clips holding the switch to the plastic face mould, and it gets pushed back into the dash, where the wires that clip into the switch get cocked to the side and it doesn't make a good connection, so to keep the fans working at all its stuck on high and I don't dare move it. I may not get it back on again lol. So instead of trying to fix the clip I was thinking it would be simply amazing to replace all the switches for the AC, temperature, defrost, floor, bi-lev etc. and fan speed. I'm wanting to replace these with a single touch screen interface. one the mimics the original setup. I'll take some pictures and post later so you can see what I mean. If anyone knows what I would need to get a touch screen to act as a switch, or maybe something a little more simple such as simple on/off touch switches, and slider touch switches? like those you see on fancy referigerators these days, or the PS3 power buttons?

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(Help) Looking for some ideas related to electronics or telecommunication

Hi guys. I am looking for some great ideas related to telecommunication or electronics or Information Technology     field, that may target segment of markets, customers or solve problems or them all :) I have brain stormed my mind for about 1 week but still not getting a good idea. Hope someone could help. Thanks.

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How to build soler panel?

Any body help me about to make a solar panel for over 4.5 V at home, required material and other essentials?  material should be cheapest. I will be very thank full to you! Adeel naveed

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My soldering iron tip keeps corroding.

I recently bought a new soldering iron and it works great. The only problem is: The tip keeps corroding down! It won't solder properly and it's a bit frustrating. What can i do to stop this?

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Convert motion activated prop to timed/random

I've searched for weeks for an answer that doesn't require a PhD in electrical engineering and hope someone here can help. I have a motion activated Halloween prop (walk by and it talks, etc) however, it requires quite a bit of light in order to detect the motion. I'd like to either put it on a timer and/or just let it chatter randomly so that it will actually be useful. I love the phrases he uses more than  the prop itself and plan to remove it's electronics to place in a different prop. However, it's pointless if it remains quiet as we won't have him close enough to a bright light source to make him talk. Help? Thanks Elaine

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How do I wire a speed control with a a blinker using 110v indicator lights ?

I have 15 110v  red indicator lights and need to light these one at a time using a speed control  and blinker control to simulate a heart beat. This monitor is the same that you can see in the Classic Monster Movie ,"The Bride of Frankenstein". Any help would be appreciated very much.?

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Customising an RF remote control

Hello all. I hope this finds you well. I would like to know whether there is a simple way to convert my existing RF remote control (bought from Maplin, UK, for controlling included mains plug adapters) to use physically different buttons for switching things on and off.  The idea is that I'd like to - neatly, if possible - mount the new buttons onto a flat surface: a table top, for example. Could anyone advise whether this is doable without dedicating more than a day or two to it, and how; or if I should should look for an alternative way around the problem? Many thanks indeed, James

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Can someone help me with my Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter reset solenoid ?

I have an old Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter.   The counter works on 12V but the solenoid for reset seems to need a totally different voltage.  I have gone up to 24v DC which is as high any of my power supply equipment can go with no luck.   In desperation I tried to throw 120VAC to it and it buzzes so I am thinking it needs 120VDC but I am not 100% sure the best and easiest way to get it there.  I am guessing some sort of bridge rectifier, any thoughts or ideas?  I am working on a sculpture that counting is part of the look but I would love to have a pushbutton control to reset the counter. There is no model number but the Form NO is 1 159196  ELC    12V DC

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Does anyone know how to fix a ThinLite tablet (aka portable light table)?

My artist mother commissioned a friend to make her a couple of portable lap desks about ten years ago. They were made by incorporating a ThinLite Porta-Trace into a thin, laminate wood, lap desk. Her friend also changed the plug to an in-line switch for convenience. These have worked great until a few months ago when they simply stopped turning on. They both quit working with in weeks of one another. I suspect that the in-line switches are busted (having seen ten years of heavy use) but I have no idea how to test this theory. The inner workings of the light table are so alien to me I don't know where to begin. Can anyone offer any guidance?

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ELECTRONICS: PLEASE HELP - Plant moisture sensor not working - or is it me???

Can anybody PLEASE help, I am in the UK and eager to grow melons next spring. I need to know when the roots of the tub need water so decided to make a moisture sensor. I found a ‘plan’ online, bought about £20 of components (I need to make  two sensors) and have spent all afternoon TRYING to get the online schematic to work. One attempt was connected via a circuit board and the other in air connections. Neither attempt works, the LED comes on on both attempts but does not go out when the terminal probes are put in water, as they would when the plant roots are moist. i enclose the original internet schematic and a (poor) picture of my ‘‘air connection’ version....should this plan work? And if so, why isn’t it? thanks in anticipation

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There are soo many who ask for High Voltage generation. Here is a good deal for as long as the stock is available. http://www.mpja.com/email/11-01-11.asp?r=214011&s;=14 A 5 VDC  input  and 400 VAC output for $3.  .  .  .  .  .    A

Topic by iceng 

Could an electronic fuel pump from a car be used to pump water? Answered

Could I recycle a fuel pump from a car and use it for a water pump? It would be a used pump so is it possible to clean it or is this just a terrible idea altogether?

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Help needed with electronics and RC stuff (planes) for personal transport project

Hi! I need a hand with getting my head around how RC plane motors are rated. I am looking at a 4000kv motor. is that 4000RPM Per volt from zero or from a nominal 6v starting voltage? This is for a personal transport project in the vein of this one - http://hacknmod.com/hack/make-diy-electric-bicycle/ That motor looks like it is very high on the wattage front! I have found several cheap motors and controllers on ebay that I think may be suitable http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Brushless-Motor-450-10-04-Trex-450SE-V2-35A-ESC-/320520418857?cmd=ViewItem&pt;=AU_Toys_Hobbies_Radio_Controlled_Vehicles&hash;=item4aa0817629 do you think that they would be able to do something similar (upto 25mph), providing that the vehicle DOESN'T have to be started from standing? A full instructable for a personal ride project is hanging on this info... Any help is greatfully received!

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really high altitude helicopter

Hi one really random question that has really been annoying me for a while is What is stopping a helicopter (probably unmanned) form achieving a really freakish height, eg + 45 km - 80km range im not sure how big it would have to be, but the blades would not be regular and the talk would be have to account for the increases in speed and it probably could not it get itself to a high alttitude to start probaly need a ballon to take it up, and any ideas for testing? or any major theroy problems? and any tips or hint?

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Does anyone know what a high quality digital multimeter brand would be and where I could find it? [Excluding RadioShack] Answered

I've seen some some digital multimeters on RadioShack for around $20 but they kinda make me nervous.   The qualities I'm looking for are: Reliable, very accurate (can measure very small amounts of current, like from small solar cells, small wires, computer fans, etc.), large variety of ranges, as well as very durable. Any help in finding out what the right digital multimeter for me would be, is very much appreciated!

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The Memristor - they've found it!

This came out quite a few days ago, but I haven't seen it until today.HP's Henry Williams and his group have accidentally stumbled upon the fourth fundamental element in electronics - the memory resistor, or memristor. Basically, it's a resistor that changes its resistance with elapsed current flow, or total amount of charge that has passed through it, and retains its resistance even after current ceases to flow through it. From the article:"The classic analogy for a resistor is a pipe through which water (electricity) runs. The width of the pipe is analogous to the resistance of the flow of current—the narrower the pipe, the greater the resistance. Normal resistors have an unchanging pipe size. A memristor, on the other hand, changes with the amount of water that gets pushed through. If you push water through the pipe in one direction, the pipe gets larger (less resistive). If you push the water in the other direction, the pipe gets smaller (more resistive). And the memristor remembers. When the water flow is turned off, the pipe size does not change.Such a mechanism could technically be replicated using transistors and capacitors, but, Williams says, “it takes a lot of transistors and capacitors to do the job of a single memristor.”The memristor's memory has consequences: the reason computers have to be rebooted every time they are turned on is that their logic circuits are incapable of holding their bits after the power is shut off. But because a memristor can remember voltages, a memristor-driven computer would arguably never need a reboot. “You could leave all your Word files and spreadsheets open, turn off your computer, and go get a cup of coffee or go on vacation for two weeks,” says Williams. “When you come back, you turn on your computer and everything is instantly on the screen exactly the way you left it. "Apparently, evidence of memristors has been around for quite a while, but it was only until now, during the age of nano-technological exploration, that we finally have labeled the "strange voltages" we've found in experimental circuits as a result of memristor behavior. The discovery was made while doping Titanium dioxide with some dopant that the article fails to cover. Anyhow, the resistance of TiO2 changes with the amount of dopant covering it. Since the dopant does not adhere perfectly to the TiO2 substrate, the flow of charges (electrons) can move the dopant, and cause it to cover more or less of the substrate, thus changing its resistance. "Williams found an ideal memristor in titanium dioxide—the stuff of white paint and sunscreen. Like silicon, titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a semiconductor, and in its pure state it is highly resistive. However, it can be doped with other elements to make it very conductive. In TiO2, the dopants don't stay stationary in a high electric field; they tend to drift in the direction of the current. Such mobility is poison to a transistor, but it turns out that's exactly what makes a memristor work. Putting a bias voltage across a thin film of TiO2 semiconductor that has dopants only on one side causes them to move into the pure TiO2 on the other side and thus lowers the resistance. Running current in the other direction will then push the dopants back into place, increasing the TiO2's resistance.HP Labs is now working out how to manufacture memristors from TiO2 and other materials and figuring out the physics behind them. They also have a circuit group working out how to integrate memristors and silicon circuits on the same chip. The HP group has a hybrid silicon CMOS memristor chip “sitting on a chip tester in our lab right now,” says Williams."I think this is pretty awesome, considering the current breakthroughs in nanotechnology and downsizing of transistors, memristors would enable a whole new field to be born, and circuit theory may have to be re-designed.Like Leon Chua said, the man who first came up with the idea of a memristor, "now all the EE textbooks need to be changed."These next few years in the field of EE should be very interesting =)Image from Spectrum Online

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Cathode Ray Tube and Cloud Chamber Combined - Possible?

Is it possible to build a cathode ray tube and observe the path of electrons in a combined (or linked) cloud chamber? I would want to apply a uniform magnetic field to the cloud chamber but not the CRT so that electrons travel in a straight line into the chamber and are subsequently deflected. Oh, and ideally using materials that were available in 1917! Thanks in advance.

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Coil + magnet = power source

People, I need your help! I'm a student at college and my primer subject is physics. Let's just say I know enough about electricity and power. But my major obstacle towards constructing stuff is electronics. I have only just scratched the surface of it. I want to make a power source out of a coil and a magnet inside (electrical induction). Can anyone point out how exactly to build the thing? My desired output voltage is about 5V, or sth. I'll use it for electronics, so the amperage doesn't really matter. I would also like to see a circuit that converts AC to DC, cause the coil will give out only AC and that's not good. Thanks in advance!

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Open Source Hardware Requirements NEEDED UPDATE for Compilers

Hi Open Source Hardware is getting talked about in the news a lot. Have you thought about recreating a open source hardware design for the learning process or improve on it? If you have have you gotten frustrated because your design has to be different and very from the previous design because you had to work your way around limited documentation? Can you realy make a improvement if more than one change is made fallowing the scientific method. For example lets look at a recipe: You are going to make a cookie. You will need these ingredients. What are their manufactures , manufacturer part numbers and suppliers? These should have sources on the internet because you are expecting some one to build off of this. You use measurement devices to put the ingredients together in steps. You mention the settings you set the oven and cutters at and how long. 3d printers and electronics I have seen not have the parts list look at the open source electronics designs by DIY Drones or prusa i3 or prusa air 2 printer it does not have a parts list that is orderable for the metal rods.

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What kind of switch to operate and bypass motion sensor security light?

I would like to be able to manually operate the light for when I need it to stay on continuously, and then have it operate on the motion sensor when I am away from it. Basically I have a motion sensor light mounted above the entrance to my shed/ workshop, and sometimes I need to set up my sawhorses outside of the shop to do work at night and the light is sufficient, but when I have been still too long, perhaps doing some figuring or whatever, it goes out. I don't want to have to continue to wave my hands about to get it to come on every time it goes off. Do I need a double pole single throw switch, or a single pole double throw, or what(is a three way light switch a SPDT- [single pole double throw] switch)? Is there a way to wire it to a single switch where I could flip it over to one side to operate continuously, and then flip the switch to make the light work off of the motion sensor when I have gone in for the night? Please forgive the ignorance. I just can't envision it in my head. Thanks.

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Fixing '98 Electronic GM Automatic Transmission 4L60 setting code 1870?

 I have a '98 Blazer with a 4L60 Automatic Transmission that shifts rough after it warms up  into second gear and sometimes third when leaving a red light or stop sign. After I stop the vechicle for 10 minutes or so, it shifts smooth until it warms up again.  I was told not enough transmission fuild was flowing threw a checkball inside the trans? I was hoping to fix it without rebuilding it or a high price tag. Anyone have any knowledge on this issue?

Question by BUBBA2010   |  last reply