home made battery

How to make powerful home made battery  weight 3 to 4 kg voltage 12v

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Is this possible to DIY at home?

You may not have heard of this, but there is this thing called Plant-e, which works like this... Basically, what is does it it harvests the waste products of microorganisms that feed off of excess plant energy. These waste products are.. electrons! A you can see here, you can buy your own kit at home: http://plant-e.com/products/products-for-sale/DIY%20at%20home.html ...for $700. They have a diagram here: http://plant-e.com/onewebstatic/cfc3f17559-Gras_Plant-MFC.jpg-for-web-large.jpg explaining how it works, and a very good video explaination here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWngdxe_RsU Do you think I can do this by myself at home? Can I get the supplies to make this at a store nearby or online for cheap? Or, is this very advanced technology that I can probably not replicate. Thank you

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Building your own home...?

Suppose you buy a few acres of land, and desired to build your house with your own hands using the trees that were local. (Northeast Pennsylvania) How would you go about it? I know about taking the logs and using them like "Lincoln logs" but maybe perhaps its best to take the wood and cut it into timber, avoiding the weight of the heavy logs (then adding insulation and such, of course). But either way; how would you even treat the wood for winter/summer cycles, termites, etc? And by doing that (cutting it into timber on site) is that reliable for a long stretch of time?

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Home improvement/ workshop?. I'm stumped,

Trying to make storage shelving in corner of my tiny Bathroom. I'm stumped on how to fasten to wall. How to properly toenail into corner stud or use brackets/anchor screws? fear of to much weight. Here's a photo of my bath & photo of what I'm trying to create. Thinking thinner wood. Glass shelves are going up on larger walls. Any advice? Thanks

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Home Made AC for building/Workshop

I was curious   what   if  i  put a 16 cubic ft. chest  freezer in  my  small work  building   and  filled  75 % fullof  water . once frozen i  could  install and  4 inch pvc pipe in  one side  and  then another in the opposite  side.  On days i would  be working in my shop  for   a few  hours   if i pushed air  through  the   pipe  and  recieved  cold  air  out the other side.   Wonder how long  this would work  or would  it  work  at all? Andy

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can home pressed briguets make a reasonable fuel source to heat my home Answered

I  live in a  rural area   and  are  trying to   do my  part for the enviroment. My question is   for  my   wood water stove i was  intending on  installing to heat  my  house has  anyone attempted to fuel  a  stove  with    briquets   made from  grass ,saw dust,leaves,  paper and    other    biodegradable   materials   ina home press  ? I  know i can make them  , but  dont   know  how the   burn time   or    burn heat  would  be.  I am always trying to make  use of  something i throw  away .  I  have teh means to make a press  and    have   plenty fo   bio degradable  materail laying  around   that is normally  discarded.

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Home automation & Home door sequrity including one android apk file project available ???

Please help me for this project. how will be arduino program code , which pin are connect to apparatus to apparatus. please give me all description step by step this project implimentation. Project planning:-                   1.Home automation & Home door sequrity including one android apk file.                   2. 4 Relay:   1. Blue led light.                                 2. Red  led light.                                 3. White led light for bath room using PIR sensor.(this light switch on/off only using pir sensor,                                            because-wet hand electric shock on switch or, damged mobile display).                                 4. Fan using voltage regulator.                                  note:- light switch on/off & fan switch & voltage regulataor incease/decrease including appk file.                   3.Home squrity switch board on/off may be   a.display board on wall of house.                                                                b. display in android apk file.                   4.when open door with corect srquirty,then photo upload in memory card.if incorect password then a lout of sound.                   5.when fire in house ,alarm using gas sensor. Room temperature, huminity show in display. Apparatues:            A: Led light on/off by mobile app.                  1.ESP8266 Serial Wi-Fi Wireless Transceiver Module for IOT.                  2.Generic(unbranded )4-channel relay control board module with optocoupler, 4 way relay module for arduino                  3.Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2 Compatible with USB Cable.                     or,xcluma Atmel Atmega 2560 Mega2560-16Au (16 Mhz) R3 Board+Usb Cable For Arduino.                  4.Led light 3(Blue,Red,White for Bath room),Motor Fan.                  5.REES52 REES_2 Bread Board or Solderless Pieces Circuit Test Board Project Board.                  6.Jumper Wires Male to Male, male to female, female to female.                  7.Generic KG001 HC-SR501 PIR Sensor Pyroelectric Infrared Module 2pcs(for bath room & door open).                  8.Adraxx LM7805 7508 Positive Voltage Regulator IC, 5V 1A.                  9.Resister 1k ohm.                  10.REES52 MQ2 Arduino Compatible Gas Sensor, Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke Sensor.           B: Home sequrity.                  1.Quantum QHM495LM 25MP Web Camera.                  2.SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 32GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card With Adapter.                  3.REES52 621033926893 Universial 16 Key Switch Keypad Keyboard Fit for Arduino by REES52.                  4.Silicon Technolabs 20x4 Line LCD Display With Blue backlight HD44780 for ALL Arduino,Rasp Pi,AVR,ARM,8051 (Blue). Software:      1. Arduino-1.8.5.                2. wampserver & notepad++ (for php web page).                3. Android Apk file.      please help me for this project. how will be arduino program code , which pin are connect to apparatus to apparatus. please give me all description step by step this project implimentation.  i will waiting for you.

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Upright wood cutting right at Home Depot? Answered

I've see this upright wood cutting right at home depot.  They put the wood in the rig and then slide a circular saw down and it makes the cut.  Does anyone know what this sort of rig is called?  Has anyone seen a good instructable on how to make one?

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how to make a robot tank track in home?

I m thinking of making a tank track robot but the ready made tracks are not available in our market.

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How to make double pane windows at home?

Hi all, I want to request an instructable about how one can create a double or triple paned windows at home. More specifically what i want to know is, How one can create vacum or fill a specific gas between mutiple panes on the window to improve insulation and energy efficiency. Many thanks in advance

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how to make a inner cycle tube at home Answered

I need to make a small inner tube for a project. I cannot get a custom one made at a smaller size. The length of the tubing should be just 110 mm. i have to use a valve that is made of rubber, plastic or stainless steel ( last option) . The tube goes into a magnet, so i have to be careful that the valve i use must not be iron or any attracting materials. Is there a possibility to make it at home.

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Petrol and LP Gass (home gas) Engine

Hi, I am in South Africa and recently had a conversation with someone who tells me that one of our security companies runs their cars on a mixture of normal petrol(gasoline)and house gass as a test to get cheaper mileage.Does anyone know how this can be done?

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How to separate shredded aluminum and plastic at home?

I have a large amount of shredded aluminum heavily inter-mixed with shredded plastic and cardboard. I want to find a way to separate the aluminum from the other debris, so I can recycle the aluminum. Wanting to do this in my backyard to make a little extra cash for my kids.

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How to make a home made air cooler?

I want to cool the air inside the cabin of a my boat but I don't have room to install even the smallest of air conditioners.  I would like to build something like a swamp cooler (Evaporative Cooler) but without the evaporative part.   I don't want to blow additional humidity around in the cabin.  I can use a pump to get a never ending supply of cold lake water.  I'm wondering if putting a fan in front of a radiator cooled with lake water will give me any sort of a reasonable deltaT on the air flowing through it?  Basically using a radiator in reverse.  Anyone have any thoughts on if this works? what kind of radiator to use?  and if I can get any reasonable temp drop on the air going through the radiator? 

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Simple designs for DIY home biogas generation? Answered

A friend of mine is working in Sri Lanka at the moment on a biogas project.  Part of the remit is to improve the design of a village-scale rural digester of the "buried concrete tank with a lid" design (as pictured below), by tweaking the operation in terms of feedstock, water:feedstock ratio, temperature and so on. The other task is "to design an efficient and neat anaerobic digester to market to middle class families."  I say "DIY" because making these of simple and widely-available materials is clearly preferable to involving lots of expensive parts. Collectively we seem to have a good deal of expertise on similar subjects- biodiesel, algae growing and so on, so I wondered if anyone knows enough about biogas to be able to comment on whether a simple design (possibly something like the Appleseed biodiesel processor) could be practical.  Any lateral thinking on how to overcome the limitations of small batch processing would also be great.

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How do I do a Rotational Casting at home?

How Do I rotationally cast a tapering object (a chandelier arm) with resin, at home?

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Petrol substitute, how can I make it at home? Answered

I want to make "petrol" at home, I'm quite handy and have a few tools and skills, it's my first post and I'm no science wizz! I can make wine etc, hope this will help in some way? Thanks All Weg

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how to make simple and cheap home sound proofing?

My home is on 2nd floor,just beside a busy road . due to ts construction materials and elevation sound pollution is more and unbearable.  as its the accommodation provided by the company i cannot modify its elevation, etc, but i can upgrade its interior. i need methods, metatarsals which helps me to reduce its noise.

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Making a reuseable mold for an at home foundry and casting aluminum?

I've been really interested in at home aluminum casting and wanted to make a forge and try my hand at it. Before I started I've done a lot of research and video watching. It seems it is most popular to use the lost foam method. I was just wondering if it would be possible, and what materials to use to make a simple reusable mold. If I was to cast 10-12 of the same object it just seems easier to make a mold then forming and shaping 12 pieces of foam. Since I'm just getting started i wouldn't be casting anything too complicated or big. Thanks in advance!

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How to fasten wheels on axle of a home made cart?

Have seen wheels at the local big box stores.. how can I use those?  What parts do I need.. axle, spacer, wheel.. and what holds the wheel on?   Son is wanting help on a project and I don't understand.   Are there kits somewhere that have 'all' the pieces?  Is there a vid with detail steps?  Thank you.

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home built go Kart, electric V.S gas

Me and a friend of min have been wanting to build a go cart. Right now were in the planing stage and the first Question is to use an electric or a gas motor. If any one has any impute on which is cheaper, quicker, simpler, safer. A top speed of 40mph or so is good enough. My dad can weld (and is teaching us) he is an electrical engineer i have a fully working washing machine motor (most likely to small to use) also have a lawn mower enginewhen i say top i mean like best of best "top electric cart" (not my video) "top gas cart" (not my video) linkshttp://www.webx.dk/gocart/t1.htm]http://www.webx.dk/gocart/t1.htmhttp://buggies.builtforfun.co.uk/index.php

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Is there a way to prevent blowing a home fuse with another fuse? Answered

This is probably the dumbest question I've asked, and I know that me asking it and why I'm asking it is going to scare so many decent people. But I can ensure you that I'm taking appropriate safety measures when I do these kind of things. My questions is: I can either buy or easily build some sort of portable breaker box? I would like this box to be a sort of "test platform" of sorts, so I can make things that will plug into a 110 outlet (say a hotwire cutter) and if (for some reason) I do have a short somewhere, I will trip the test platform breaker, and not the fuse in my apartment.  Reason I ask is I work graves, and it hard for me to meet up with my landlord. meaning, if I blow a fuse (which my apartment still uses) I will have to go 10+ hours on average before I can get it replaced. Thanks in advance! 

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Does anyone know any tips for recycling tires at home.? ? Answered

I was   just curious if anyone  had   any tips for recycling tires  at  home on the farm? Also any  uses?  Seems such a   terrible  thing   on  te  enviroment with so many tires   and not   nthing to do wih them.

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how to make home made foam cutter for slicing foam Answered

I dont have much electric knowledge ,but i have to make home made electric foam cutter for my kid ( he has to make some school project ) by cutting / slicing foam . i have pen type soldering iron / room heater etc. shall i made foam cutter from it , can i make room heater coil directly connect to steel wire to make it hot.please guide me ,it is very urgent .?

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Ideas for home made Hand checkering Tools? (For wood checkering)

Hi everyone! I am in search for any ideas for hand checkering selfmade tools and even tutorials on how to checker properly. Since there are not many tutorials about this craftmanship - also finding hand checkering tools to buy (in germany) is quite impossible.. Really would appreaciate any help and/or ideas! thanks alot! cheers Logi

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any ideas for making a statue at home? want to use it as a guitar stand...

I would love to have an idol of jimi hendrix standing in my room holding my guitar for me...

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Brainstorm: What are good sustainable/modular prefab home materials/designs?

I'm far too young to implement these things at the moment, but I'm interested in your thoughts on a pre-fab home designs and materials. Hopefully something I can make/repair myself. I live in Texas (Dallas currently, perhaps Austin later, climate: mostly dry country with tornadoes.) My idea was to build a pre-fab  workshop/garage and build the house inside of that. Does anyone know of pre-fab underground homes? That would help maximize my land usage. I read an archived article on motherearth news about "Solartron" which sounded perfect, but they seem defunct now.  http://www.motherearthnews.com/Green-Homes/1979-05-01/The-Solartron-Prefabricated-Earth-Sheltered-Home.aspx?page=4 The key areas I would focus on are the garage (mainly automotive), kitchen (small, but professionally inspired), and garden. I'm hoping to have a garden-system with a few miniature goats for milk production later in life and small-scale food production like my grandfather. (Spices, vegetables, fruits) I'm wondering on any thoughts of what you would like in your dream home?

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How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

How can we make a gear at home? (Without a gear making machine)?

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How do you build a home made wood burning Sauna heater?

1 Nov 2011.    I am stuck on a Firebase in Afghanistan and winter is approaching fast. So i was thinking that building a sauna would be a cool project.  The wood shack isn't that hard, but how to build the stove/ heater/ thing? So, Any ideas?

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What kind of clutch can I use on a Home-built motorized bike? Answered

I'm converting an old mountain bike into a motorized dirt bike kind of thing using a small lawnmower engine. I want to know how to make a clutch that is simple and efficient.  Also I'm curious as to what kind of throttle will work on a lawn mower engine?

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How long should I home dry a large oak log for carving? Answered

Hi, I have a large trunk piece  29" in diameter and 5 feet long with the bark still on it.  I want to dry it out for carving on one side and standing it in my yard for a decoration, similar to a totem pole.  How should I dry it and for how long?  Also, I have two pieces about 10" x 29" thick that I want to hand carve into a large bowls. Same question, how long?  And finally, I have coated the ends of the logs with black roofing tar so that the wood will not  having checking. Will this suffice for the smaller cuts as well? Thanks  Tom

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i want to make a home made suana bath steam generator.please tell me how can i make my self or i need some equipment?

I want to make a steam generator equipment to take a suana bath at my home...please tell what should i do i have a limited budget..

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Removing adhesive from vinyl tiles

I am having solid hardwood flooring installed in my first floor of my home. The existing flooring is currently 12x12" vinyl tiles. I am in the process of removing the tiles (using an iron). How do I remove the old adhesive that was used to put the tiles down? Is it necessary to remove even though felt underlayment will be placed under the hardwood? Thanks in advance.

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How do I trace a home electric circuit from the breaker to its terminus??

Just moved into a 60's home.  The electrical system has some "unique" aspects.  Everything works and the building inspector didn't find any glitches but the main panel wasn't labeled.  I spent a day tracing out most of the circuits.  I ended up with two 110V circuits that don't seem to power anything in the house.  ( hey that is better than the 3 110V and 2 240V unknown circuits that i started out with! )  I have accounted for things like outside lights and outlets, attic fan and lights, extra outlets in the garage, and a line out to a shed.   The breakers are wired and "on".     So can I trace these circuits from the main panel to where ever they end up?

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I am looking for plans to build a 6' home bar with a back bar. Does anyone have a set of plans? Thank you!

I have some limited wood working skills. Looking for something that looks good but is easy to build.

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Were to find CPVC ? Answered

I live in California and the home depot does not have cpvc (at least were the pvc its)  and i wanted to know if it is no allowed in building code(or i just cant find it. or it is not sold at home depot(if so were could i find it))

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Hai... I need some solution... I'm not a electrical engineering... so, there are 5 unit of 3 phase wind turbine, with rate output up to 2Kw, 48V each... and I need to produce current load for home about 7Kw to 9Kw, 240V,,, so, how to wiring from 5 unit of wind turbine to home current...sorry for my english and thank you...

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My scooters forks/wheel has gone out of sync, after a slip on road thing is need a quick fix so I can get it back home, so I can replace thanks in advance...

My scooters forks/wheel has gone out of sync, after a slip on road thing is need a quick fix so I can get it back home, so I can replace thanks in advance...

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Stairs redesign

Hi everyone!I have this stairs in my apartment, I got used to them, but now as we have a baby they are pretty much dangerous for little guy. I need ideas and suggestions on a design for new stairs. Space is really small. Photos are attached. Thank You!

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Can i run my 2.5 home computer speakers using a bike or car battery ?

I would like to play my computer speakers  Speaker Features Speaker Type Active Nominal Output Power (Total) 32.0 Watt Max (RMS) Output Power (Total) 64.0 Watt for more specifications -----> http://reviews.cnet.com/pc-speakers/x-230-2-1/4507-3179_7-30993634.html?tag=mncol;subnav want to connect it to a new car or bike battery ( not in the vehicle ) but carry a battery and distilled water to keep the charge when i go camping would like to carry it so we could have some fun in the woods.. but my question is how do it connect the two  and will the output from the battery will be correct for the speakers ?... i love my speakers and dont want to conk them off ..

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How can i have my home alarm system email me system status?

I have a concord 4 home alarm system from GE. It currently supports the following communication methods to report status. 1. GSM by means of a $250 module to connect to alarm.com 2. Outbound dialing to a pager # which will send codes which you need to look up to see what they mean. 3. Central monitoring station service which it will dial and send system status to. I've seen modules such as the Telguard TG-1 which will intercept the outbound dialing and convert the pager tones and transmit them over GSM to a central station as well. What i'd like to do is one of the following. I'd like to get the system status messages from my system, but I don't want to purchase the GSM feature or a pager as I already have a cell phone. I can add the enterprise paging feature from at&t; but I just feel there must be a DIY method for this. One option I've been considering is a phone line simulator component to basically have it connect to a server I have via a fake modem connection and use the GE Enterprise Downloader software to have the system upload/download from that using the phone line simulator. Beyond that, i'm not sure what options I have.. Would love some ideas.

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Is there anywhere cheap in southern ontario to buy Acrylic sheets thats not home depot or things like that?

Ive seen some prices of acrylic sheeting for american stores and the price difference is astonishing for the same thing here in canada. As the title says I'm looking for a place or a store to get some sheets for a few projects from here and I don't want to spend that much for just a couple pieces. Is there anyone on here from southern ontario that has had the same problem, and potentially with a solution? :)

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Ran Honda with E brake on (new driver)? Answered

Oops! Just got home today from school and realized that I drove home with the E brake on (around 10 miles). Should I be worried about this? Its mostly 35mph the way home, with 55 for around 3 miles. I noticed no burning rubber smell or anything that would indicate burning (but the windows were closed). I have done this occasionally on the driveway, but usually notice. The car is a Handa Civic, 2003 I think.

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Shop Organization Tips and Practices from 03/17/2019

Link does not work

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how many psi can a 5 gallon plastic bucket (found in home depot) can take?

So im doing this for a chemistry project. My plan: to create a cannon with buckets and tubes with ping pong ball. I use dry ice and water to compress gas in the bucket and release the air through the valve. i realized that when i puff air into it and conceal it, (3 to 4 times) the bucket starts to deform.

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How do I get rid of scratches on plastic?

I have been wanting to get some minor scratches off of the top emblem on my GameCube to make it look nice. I was just wondering if there is any way to do this. Preferably a home remedy that doesn't require any special order chemicals. -TheWaddleWaaddle

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