MYTHBUSTERS Instructables

If you have some ideas for Mythbusters Instructables post them here. I you know to make something that the Mythbusters built post it here. Discus your ideas whit other fans...

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instructions are blank? Answered

When I pull up an instuctable and try to veiw the instructions there is nothing there and there is other blanks on the screen

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No instructions visible?

In this instruction: there are no instructions visible.  The only way I can see them is to select download.  This hasn't been the situation in the past.  Has something changed or is there a glitch in either my computer or in the Instructable page?   Does anybody else have this issue? 

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Instructable tips? Answered

I am making an instructable on how to make a chicken coop, I already have lots of pictures.  Anyone have any tips on how to make a great instructable?  I am thirteen and this is my first  instrucable I intend to publish.

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Instructables on this chair??

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me make an instructables or have an instructable on how to build this chair for personal use??? I wanted to build it for my aunt who is turning 40 and a bibliophile :) will be willing to donate to someone who had made something like this before. 

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longboard instructable?

I am going to make a longboarding instructable. it will include everything from stopping to sliding. i am wondering if anybody has any ideas or things that they want to know how to do?

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Instructables? or advertisements??

I just noticed an "instructable" on patching cracks in concrete, posted not by an individual, but by a corporation, Sackrete, which advertises on this website. I happen to like Sackrete products, and appreciate that this company produces videos to instruct its customers, BUT... this seems to violate the spirit of this website! Is it not dubious to allow advertisers to promote their products in the same format as those videos contributed by regular folks? Anybody want to enlighten me on this?

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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations. How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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how to rate an instructable? Answered

I want to rate any instructable.but how can i do it?or maybe there isnt any needed.thanks to everyone who visited these question

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Is there a place to request an Instructable?

Is there a section on Instructables where you can suggest projects for someone to make?  Example, I would love to find an Instructable for a DIY wireless dog fence.  (searched -no luck). I am sure there is someone out there who can make one of these.  Or there are folks out there who have the smarts and would love to see what people would like to have.

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Instructable not showing up.

Hey, I published an instructable yesterday about 1 o'clock central time about a DIY CO2 reactor, and it still hasn't shown up under the "recent" tab. Is this normal? Is there someone I need to contact about this problem?

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instructable not showing up? Answered

I posted an instructable last night and it still hasn't shown up yet, as far as i know it didn't void the terms and service or anything. i really have no idea why it's not up yet, any ideas? Zombie Death Club

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Is Instructables an international website ?

My question could appear a little strange but i'll try to explain...English is not my natural born language but my skills are good enought to understand most of instructables, and anyways, english is know the only international language. And it's not a problem.the problem is about metering ! i'm really in troubles with imperials / us measure !the IS is universal ! There is only 3 country in the world using pounds, inches, or other exotic measurment !It's really hard for normal people !So my question should be " Is Instructables an "america's first" website ? Maybe instructables could be write using the IS instead... should be great for the 4 billions human wich are nor American, Burmese or Liberian !Thanks for readingRomain

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My first Instructable

Here is my first tutorial... i have know about the site for awhile but have never participated...

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WANTED: Instructable on Acrylic

I've only seen the end result of a project.  My college woodworking teaher had an acrylic cube that had curved holes drilled in it.  I know how it's done but would like to see an instructable on it.  I've searched and searched.  I only found a very broad article on the steps to do this but not detailed enough for me to attempt it. If someone knows how this is done OR has experience with acrylic, please let me know if you write an instructable on this process.  If you have worked with acrylic before but do not know the process, I can explain it. THANKS!

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instructable comments, upvoting and downvoting? Answered

So, the point in asking this is: I really would not like to see instructable comments become something like a youtube page, where you scroll down only to be disappointed in the quality of the comments.  As a community based site and just the fact that I scroll down and groan at people's choices in just trolling (and I know, I've done this before) -is there a possibility in a Reddit-style comment upvoting and downvoting, and sort by best comments?

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what model kit instructables are there?

I cant find any model or model kit instructables, can anyone tell me a few?

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Do instructables need disclaimers? Answered

I see a lot of instructables with disclaimers on them. If person A posts a dangerous project and person B is hurt trying it, could person B sue person A? In other words, are disclaimers necessary on this site when Instructables has its own terms of use?

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Instructables update error message? Answered

I am trying to add an Instructable. When I add the second page I get the error: here's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal Does anyone know what that means, and how I can get it to stop yelling at me?

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Your instructable failed to publish!

Oops! We couldn´t understand your request….Someone has an idea why it is not possible to publish my instructable and why i get this messages?Thanks for your help.

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Is there a language translator app for the instructions?

Some instructions are printed in Spanish without translation. I don't read Spanish. Is there a translator app I'm missing?

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Do instructables have a sponsor?

I am reserching stuff from your website and need the name of your sponsors, institution or organization.  Please

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Should I to delete the instructable? Answered

I published my last instructable BEFORE verify the correct working of the generator under charge. All my attemps to do it work under charge FAILED. It barely feed little tools, like 500 W hand grinder or drill. I am ashamed by my hastiness. I am thinking to delete the instructable. What do you think about it?

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Can't start or save instructable ?

This same problem comes time after time, there's days that even if i try every hour to start a new instructable i get "oops something went wrong", message.That same message comes sometimes if i try to save finished instructable. Also more than 50 % of the comments that i write or answer, i get that same message.I have tried with Chrome, Edge and Opera. There is now difference what browser is used.Is that a global, local or just me with that issue?It would be nice to get fix for it..

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video instructable won't work?

I'm trying to make a video instructable. I've uploaded the video to youtube and have tried copy and pasting the embed code in both the 'embed code here' box and using the in text embed video too. I've tried using the iFrame code now supplied by YouTube and altered it to the old YouTube code. However neither work. You put in the code, click save and an 'updating' bar appears then dissapears and the embed code is gone and no video is there? Can somebody please help with this, been trying to make it work for over an hour and have tried every way I can think, I need to upload it via YouTube rather than any of the other services available Thanks

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Can't publish changes to a Instructable

This may be a duplicate question but I can't seem to find the initial post.Have have made edits to an instructable. I can see them in the edit or preview screens but not when using the public view. Looking at the attached photos, the one with the referece to 2mm acrylic is in the edit view and the other is the public view.I have tried clearing my cache, different networks, computers and ISPs.I could try unpublishing and republishing but I am concerned that I will loose the "Featured" rating and viewing stats.I have two questions: Can anyone else see new reference to 2mm Acrylic in the first step? Does anyone have anu advice on where to go from here?

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Best tools for Instructables authors? Answered

What should a basic generalist workshop contain?  Say you were starting your workshop from scratch and, knowing what you do now, had to purchase new items to kit out the space. What would you avoid? What would you insist upon?  I'm looking more for general philosophies of tool-buying than outright brand names, but I'll entertain the notion of brand fidelity as a heuristic for purchasing trustworthy tools. I intend to use the answers given here to help purchase prizes for upcoming contests.

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Instructables in Popular Science magazine

My Bungee Bazooka along with crreed's Grappling Hook Launcher were noticed by the folks at Popular Science magazine, and they published snippets about both projects in the March 2012 issue (page 66). Here they are at I thought this was awesome!

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what makes an instructable fly or die? Answered

I recently published 2 instructables one I'm really excited about "Vintage tin and timber signs" And one I think is a bit lame "CNC cut Paper Rack" that  i just made cause i was bored and wanted to enter a contest. Strange thing is, the paper rack is the instructable that has been featured and is getting all the views but only has 4 favourites ,were as the signs instructable  has 11 favourites but only 200 views. Did I tag it wrong? or is it just not that interesting? any feedback is welcome,

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How to delete an instructable that has entered a contest? Answered

I made an instructable and i got it entered into a contest. I want to delete the instructable. But i cannot delete the instructable becuse its entered into a contest. The contest is now closed. What do i do to delete the instructable?

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Instructable emails no longer open in gmail.

One or two months ago, I stopped being able to open Instructables email links.  It used to go directly to an HTTP:// address, now it goes to " . . . . ." and the page simply says "NOT FOUND"  Evidently it's going through facebook (which I have open and logged in)  I can't even unsubscribe because it goes through that same address. Any Idea how to fix?

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where do i get an instructables multi-tool? Answered

Lately i've seen some instructables multi-tools( leatherman). i really whant/need one. but i dont know where to get it. can someone show me?

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How can I submit my Instructable to a contest? Answered

How can I submit my Instructable to a contest? Before now, I could just click on which contest I wanted to submit it to, but now it is trying to get me to make a group or something?? and when I do it gives a 404. Please help -Me

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Is there a place on Instructables that I could view a stream of 'most recent instructables' ? Answered

I would like to see a feed of all instructables submitted in more-or-less chronological order regardless of whether they are featured or not.  Does something like that exist?  If there isn't, could you guys have a 'master list' section where you can see everything as it comes in without having to look up each individual category?

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How do i add steps when I write an instructable? It doesnt really give me much to work with.?

Funny. I need an instructable on writing instructables...

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Why are there no instructables on skating?

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Learn Spanish & English

Happy new year!!! 2017 This group was created for estabishing a Knowing of the other countries students, young people, and meet people from universities. Please note: (This group is for to mmet people not for loving or sexting).

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What happened to the newsletter?

I really enjoyed the newsletter, then quit receiving it. What happened? I still get emails about the people I'm following but I liked seeing some of the new stuff without having to hunt for it through the main page.

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Why are instructables made before the beginning of contest not eligible for entry?

I was just wondering why instructables made prior to a contest can't be entered. I have several instructables that I wish to enter, but this rule prohibits me from doing so. Is there a way to re-publish an instructable in order to enter it? I was wondering if a staff member or someone else knew the answer to this question, as I have the feeling that more people wish this rule was not in place. Thanks for any feedback.

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Why Can't I publish my instructables in the Wood contest 2016?

Almost all of my instructables are made of wood, but the Wood Contest 2016 says I have no eligible instructables. How can I enter them? My categories are mostly workshop, woodworking. Just for a test, I tried something else but it didn't work. Can someone tell me why this won't work? Thanks. 

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How can we ask the instructables featuring team to have a look at our modified instructable? Answered

As I recently made an instructable and it wasn't featured, but now I improved it a lot, so how can I ask them to reconsider having a look at it?? I would really appreciate if someone of the feature team considered looking at this ible(my ible) and tell me how I can improve it so that it can be featured(Sorry if I'm creating any trouble). Thanks in advance!

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step by step instructions for mousetrap car?

What materials are needed?  Step by step instructions on assembly of the mousetrap car.

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Help finish the Electric Trike instructable

Hey, Cavemen Feel free to chip in and review / edit / expand the trike instructable...

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