Bike lights.

These are very nice.

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Brake lights

So i have a '95 chevy suburban, and it has a few issues. at the moment, the biggest issue is my brake lights. Basically, when the vehicle is in accessory and i depress the brake peddle, my brake lights come on, YAY! but when i have the vehicle running and i depress the brake peddle, the 15 A fuse blows and the lights go out. now i have a schematic diagram for the whole vehicle (in parts), but im still trying having a hard time finding where my problem is. im sure there is a short somewhere but it is just all really confusing to me. thanks much in advance. note: night time lights work as well as all turn signals. 

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Night light

I am looking for a brighter than 4w (incandescent) nightlight to plug into wall outlets in my hallway. I have tried a couple LED from Walmart and they are way to dim. Does anyone have instructions for one or a recommendation for a store-bought one.

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Power supply/adaptor for 12v 15w ac bulb?

Hi all. I have a light set with a 12v 15w AC bulb along with a 12v 1-2w small AC motor. I also received a adaptor along with it of 12v 1A AC. The adaptor worked only for an hr and went off. The primary winding were open when checked. I brought a new adaptor and the same thing happened. Can anyone please help me to find what kind of adaptor (output volt and Amp) is required for the light and motor to work.

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Homemade bike lights? Answered

I am trying to make a front light for my bicycle and I have my electronic part right but, I need to find a reflective background for it but I don't know where I would get it.  

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Car light dimmer

Hi all, Can someone show me how to make a car dimmer or point me in the right direction to make one. Just to recap this is like the new cars when you open the car the light fades up and when the car door is closed the light will take 5 to 10 seconds to dim out. Thanks in advance.

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Campfire lighting tricks?

I find myself with the task of lighting a camp fire, either dramatically, magically or mysteriously.  I know a couple of methods, but the campfire audience have seen them before. Anybody got any novel ideas for lighting a campfire at the sneaky pull of a cord, or throw of a hidden switch? (Yes, I know about wire wool and batteries...)

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Bike Powered Light?

Some kind of LED, so that the biking charges the battery which powers the LED? I know there's quite a lot on this site, but I've never done anything electrical, and need help with that. Also, I would like (in order): easiest, cleanest (no lines everywhere), smallest, and best looking one possible... And I need a lot of help with electricity... 

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Question regarding Light

Hi guys! I had this strange question in my mind from a long time, but i have to yet get a satisfactory answer: What is the difference between a naturally emitted colour and a colour which is generated by covering the light source with a translucent cover of a particular colour? For example: I have a Blue LED whose body/case is actually transparent but on supplying power emits the colour blue naturally. On the other hand, i have a LED which emits a white colour on powering up. Suppose i put some kind of blue translucent film on it, or a translucent paint. I will still get a blue-colour. What are the differences of colour emitted in these two cases?

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How do I wire a 6 circuit terminal block for lighting a stoplight?

3 light traffic light we want to at the very least light up. three light,yellow,green..with two wires each. one being white and one corresponding with the color light... (tealish for green, orangish for yellow, red for red). there are other wires (brown,yellow,white and red) that also came inside the unit, all hapazardly attatched to a 6 circuit terminal block with "cinch" written on the back my friend and I bought this at a flea market and arent sure if components are originial or what else we would need. any help would be great. 

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Fluorescent bulb questions ? Answered

Hello, Short question but sorry,  I cannot seem to shorten it; the actual question is in the last two lines . My friend's outside light stopped working; Earlier today I was asked to replace the two bulbs; they had stopped working and seemed slightly brown on the ceramic part. They are four pin fluorescents; I have not used these type before. I went to Screwfix and their catalogue showed two bulbs that looked identical to the original but one model said for electronic ballast only and one type said for magnetic ballast only; the shop staff did not know what a ballast was and could not advise me, when looking at the original, which type to buy. I went to Toolstation , no such distinction was made in their catalogue; I asked the guy about the ballast suitability; he did not know what a ballast was; I bought the one that seemed the closest in name. I have never has to think about ballast types before buying a bulb before; but after buying the bulbs I found a sticker on the lamp saying -electronic ballast. I stuck the first bulb in, it did not light. I put the bulb, instead, into the next socket; it lit and stayed lit. I put the remaining bulb in the first socket and both bulbs stopped working; whatever combination that I tried. The original bulb was an Osram Dulux D/E 26w/840 The  new bulb is a  sylvania lynx-de superia 26w 840  G24q-3 Technical Details Brand Sylvania Item Weight 9 g Product Dimensions 16.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 cm Item model number 25927 Part Number 0025927 Colour Cool White Shape Stick Maximum Compatible Wattage 26 watts Voltage 240 volts Specific Uses General purpose Batteries Included? No Type of Bulb Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Cap Type G24q EU Energy Efficiency Label A Luminous Flux 1800 lumen Wattage 26 watts Wattage 26 watts Bulb Features Low energy plug-in compact lamp Colour Temperature 4000 Kelvin Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 85 Average Life 10000 hours Average Life 15000 hours Bulb Length 167 millimetres Warm Up Time 30 seconds Lumen Maintenance Factor at the End of Life 95 I still do not know if it was the correct bulb or not but . . . Here are the questions:   Are some bulbs suitable for both types of ballast ? What happens if you put the wrong type in; does it just not work; or does it blow the bulb; or/and does it damage the lamp? Thank you

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How can I make lights that turn on when I open my shed door?

I've just put together a shed for my motorbike that will soon have electricity wired to it. I want to make a lighting system that turns on the lights when I open the door and turns them off when I close them. I don't want to spend a load of money so was thinking relays and microswitches. Any thoughts or opinions would be great! Thanks Jack

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12v brake and tail lights?

I'm trying to build a brake/tail light out of LED's for my motorcycle. How do I make the red brake lights brighter than my red tail lights? I'm using 3mm 12v (resister pre wired by supplier) and/ or have similar 10mm lights available too.

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Bike Tire Valve Lights

Anyone know how to build a Bike Tire Valve Light? The ones in stores strobe, waterproof, and only activate during movement. Thanks

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dash and marker light problems?

My dash and marker lights are having intermediate problems and im wondering if i can bi pas the relay and wire it strait to the switch.  it is a 1991 Subaru legacy?

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Retrofitting an antique light fixture?

Hi, I just picked up a really nice old hanging light fixture. I want to upgrade it with modern light sockets and lampshades to use in our new house (Actually 200 years old but new to us). Has anybody had any experience doing this? Could you give me a few pointers? Thanks, G

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portable and light weight displays?

I need some ideas to make a better portable displays for my pet collars i sell at craft fairs The first displays I used spinning racks. I like they were light weight, but i had to unload and load racks every show The second display are nice, but still have some problems. The collars still fall , even though i have them strapped down with elastic. But they are very heavy. It was very hard for me to unpack and set up myself any suggestions, or maybe a lighter material ? Kathy Deacy-Moore

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What type of lighting would you suggest for a trailer? Answered

My father recently bought an enclosed trailer to haul his tools in.  With daylight being so scarce in the Fall I thought it would be nice if it had a light source (or multiple) to illuminate it so he doesn't have to bring a flashlight with him to see inside.  I'd need it to be something that runs on 12 volts or less which I can take from the trailer hookup.  I was thinking maybe some led strips like the ones all over eBay but I thought I'd check here and see if anyone had any suggestions. 

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Does the length of a fluorescent tube matter? Will a shorter fluorescent tube work in a longer fixture?

Assuming the wattage is the same. I have some 15" fluorescent tubes. Will they work in fixtures made for longer tubes if the wattage is the same?

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What kind of power supply do I need for my 10PCS 10W 30Mil SMD Led?

Hello I just bought 10 SMD white led. This lighting project is for my aquarium. I got the LEDs but now I need some newbie friendly help to connect these light and get a proper power supply for these. I don't know how much power will I be needing for them. Here are the details of the led lights from the ebay page SPECIATIONS The details were under 10 lot of smd. Voltage: 9-12V / 900mA Chip: Genesis's LED 30Mil chip Luminous Flux:  900-1000LM Output Power: 10W Light Color:   Warm White 3000k-3200k   Cool White 6000-6500k Beam Angle: 120-140 LED Support Material:Al Working Life: 50000h Can anyone please guide me how to wire them safely and power them with a good power supply which will allow them to utilize their full brightness. Details which confuses me is how much mah and and volt I will need for all of them. It would be good if you could give me a ebay link so that I can order it online. :)

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Chemistry set DIY gas mantle?

I'm looking for some help tracking down a chemistry experiment I tried as a child and would like to replicate.  As I recall it involved dissolving a solid (perhaps limestone) in a liquid (possibly vinegar), soaking some cloth in the resulting solution and burning it over a flame when it dried.  The idea was that the cloth would burn away and leave a mesh of whatever it was, probably lime, that acted as a mantle.  I tried it as a child and had limited success (I was too impatient to get some appropriate cloth or wait for it to dry properly) and would like to try it now that I'm older and wiser older. If it does have to be limestone, any ideas how I can hold of small quantities without having to go to the local chalk quarry?

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How do I turn tap lights into blinking led lights?

Please help! I found a Youtube video of a deadmau5 head with led lights from rave gloves moded to regular tap lights. Only the user who made the head doesn't tell you how he did it. Does anyone know how it's done? Thanks for you help. Here is the link:

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Indoor Plant Lighting Solution Needed

I'm planning on making a Instructable for the Indoor Gardening Contest, I was wondering whether normal LED lights will serve the purpose of mimicking sunlight OR power optimal/decent photosynthesis. I have normal white & blue led lights. Will they do?| If normal LED's won't work? Which lights should I use?

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I want to hardwire an LED kit with switch to the household wiring?

I've found similar instructions online but not quite the same thing I'm wanting to do.  Essentially, I want another fixture in the bathroom without using the plugins. I have an LED kit with switch included.  (;=true&ref;_=ox_sc_act_title_1∣=A3QAWKW1O2SEC3) I want to put the LED strip lighting under the bathroom sink vanity for subtle lighting in the middle of the night.  I want to set up the on-off switch at floor level to be poked with a toe.  However, I do not want to have a wire running from under the cabinet, across the wall to the plugin. Is there a way to hardwire this LED kit into the house wiring that is already present?  NOT where an old fixture was, this will be all new wiring.  Thank you. Even sources that might help me would be appreciated.

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wiring a building up with a 10 awg stranded wire

I have recently bought a repoed amish rent to own building.  it was getting wired in the middle of the repo.  i have some stranded 10awg stranded wire with an extension cord male plug on one end.  i would like to have it to where i can easily disconnect the power by unplugging it from my outside outlet of the house.  inside the building is a complete breaker box with a 60 amp breaker and a bunch of 30's as secondaries.  i have read that 30 amp is max for the 10 awg stranded wire.  is there any way that i can have the other end of the wiring put in the breaker box with a 30 amp breaker as the main and 15's and possibly a 20 here and there for breakers.  it has about 6 outlets and one flourescent light in there.  i will have only a small air compressor, small miter saw, couple lights, and a drill battery charger in the building, but never all running at the same time.  can someone give me a couple pointers on this?  by the way, this is industrial warehouse wire, and not no cheap stuff.

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Extemely simple automatic emergency light.

I'd like some help to settle an argument regarding my extemely simple automatic emergency light.According to my friend, who installs emergency lighting, this circuit is too simple and has too many components missing but I say he's wrong, if one part fails it can easily be replaced. I'm not and electronics expert either.I'll explain the circuit...5v comes from a 5v 2A phone charger. Battery is a 32Ah 12v SLA. 12v charger is a smart charger with built-in status monitor.SPDT 5v relay rated to switch 12v @ 17amp maxThe light is a 12v 5 metre LED Strip with built in current-limiters and draws arount 2A.Basically, 5v powers the relay which means the battery is connected to the smart charger that keeps it topped up while there is mains power (240v here in UK). If there is a power cut the relay turns off and battery is switches over to the LED light Strip. Its that simple.It works as designed, no parts have failed and I haven't found any signs of over-heating. My friend believes it should all be one circuit and not seperate parts and is a fire risk as it is.He just won't let it go, so does he have a point or is he just being a/an _________ (fill in the blank, lol)? I've included a schematic of the circuit. Not sure if I've drawn the relay properly though.

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How do I wire a light ? Answered

How do i wire many light bulbs together and then attach them to a switch and plug?

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Making translucent, glowing cubes. Best shell material choice?

I'm making eight, seamless 15 cm3 cubes that will be translucent and have a glossy finish. They will be lit up (with LEDs, etc.) so the entire cube appears to glow, but there is a base side which will always be on the bottom (it doesn't have to be made of this material.) Sturdiness is desired (they will be in transit at some point), as well as low cost. The solutions I have in mind at this point are: Frosted acrylic/perspex glued together Some form of cloudy resin cast into a single-piece shell I imagine that the resin would have a better overall appearance if it goes well, but it sounds expensive and complicated. The perspex solution may have a less appealing end result due to the edges between each face. Please suggest alternate solutions if you can think of some! Thanks for your help. TK.

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Fluorescent light wiring diagram wanted

Fluorecent light wiring diagram:Could anyone help me with a wiring diagram for a fluorescent light, double tube, tube have 2 ins each side, two starters a capacitor and a ballast with two wires. I have all the parts but don't know how to join them together?

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Automatic LED light for cordless drill????

As far as I know, DeWalt has not incorporated lights into their cordless drills as some other manufacturers have. Could someone make an LED light which would come on when the magnetic field produced by the drill motor is sensed? Perhaps a sensor taped to the drill body, and a small LED light pointing forward, or a ring of light around the drill chuck? Rufus 123Movies GoMovies

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Reviving lawn light solar cells. Answered

Hello All, I have several solar cells from old dead lawn/driveway lights.  Ultimately, I'm sure that it was the rechargeable battery that failed, but the solar cells are in some sorry shape, also. While they have not been tested outside in bright sunlight, in my workshop, shining a high lumen flashlight (unsure of exact output, but it does reflect significant heat to the lighted area) produced less than 600mV.  The rechargeable battery is AA size (1.5 V). The cell faces have heavy oxidation, which is going to block light, I know.  The cell faces are encased in some sort of clear epoxy/resin substance.  The connections are badly corroded, rust is evident around cell connections (which I found strange, but perhaps it dripped down from housing screws).  I know that the connections can be replaced somewhat easily, but what about the oxidation?  Without knowing what material is is encased in, how should I proceed in removing oxidation? No flashlight can compare to the sun, I know this.  But even without a true solar test, I know that these cells will not experience optimal performance.  What can be done to revive these cells? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!  You all help me learn! Huck

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How do I make a transparent light box?

I want to get some of this thick transparent plastic from a lowes and make a cube frame and put led lights inside so the box will glow. Im not too much of a diy person so I wanted to see if anyones done this before. Welding it is not an option, I want it looking clean cut and professional. 4 feet high by 3 and 3 feet. Im going to put a led light panel inside so I can change the mood lighting. I have a somewhat blurry picture which I saw of someone elses.

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How to make solar lighted finials for privacy fence?

A family member has these lighted finials on their privacy fence and I love the look they provide. But when I was putting up our fence last year, I found out that those little lights are expensive! When surfing around on this site, I found the instructable for sun jars (or solar jars) and thought that might be a practical alternative. Any ideas on how to convert one of those jars into a finial?

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Portable lighting solution: Is it possible to power (400watt) Halogen light from a 12V Car Battery? Answered

Im trying to work out a cheap, portable way of lighting when on location whilst filming. The idea of a generator is just to expensive to even think of at the moment, so is it possible to power (400watt) Halogen light from a 12V Car Battery? Or  Are there any readily available 12V lights that produce the same light as 400Watt halogens and above? Thanking you much :) 

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I need help creating a light circuit for my car. can anyone help?

Lately, I have felt that when driving at night that Im having a hard time seeing things. Ive put 8000k HID bulbs in but yet im still having problems seeing. So I figured if I put in OEM fog lights then I could have 4 8000K HID bulbs rather than 2. twice the bulbs twice the light. my problem is that I already have LED fog lights on my car. They are offset style which I prefer over having fog lights under the head lights. I want to keep my LED fog lights and add new OEM fog lights. I only want the OEM fog lights to light when when the head lights are on and the LED fogs to light any other time only if the head lights are off ive already ordered the OEM fog lights so how can i design a circuit that can do this?

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what's an easy on/off switch for an LED light?

What's an easy on/off switch for an LED light, when using a simple battery and a single LED?

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Using lenses to create a beam of normal light??

If you had, say, light from a torch or whatever, directed it through a metal pipe or fiber optic to get it kind of directional, and then into some arrangement of lenses; what kind of maximum range could you expect before it completely lost focus? And would it still obey the inverse square law, or is that just for expanding spheres of light?

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Are there Phosphors that react only to specific frequencies of light?

Are there phosphors that only produce a color of visible light when struck by a specific frequency? If so, what would happen if this phosphor was struck be two beams of light at right angles, with each beam at half the "trigger" frequency?  If this would not result in an effective "trigger" frequency at that point, is there another method of achieving that effective frequency at a point, with two beams crossing at a single point, where the phosphor lies?

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Led light on motorcycle wheel / mag / rim ?

Hi, im new member i got here because i am looking for someone who can help me to put a Led light design on my Motorcycle wheel please can anyone help me how to do it, i have 9v battery, switch, cables, led light strips(waterproof) i wan to put cool blue design on my wheel, i am wondering how to do this because if i put it on my wheel, i dunno how to power it or where to put the battery. i want flawlessly spinning the wheel. This is my MC This is i want to do: (not my video);=related Please, im hoping someone can help me here

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what to do with extra mini christmas light bulbs?

I have extra mini christmas light bulbs and would like to do something with them to brighten up the rest of the year.  If possible using solar or a battery.

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Disabling daytime running lights on '99 Sienna?

Tried pulling the fuse (works but also cuts HLs), don't want to short E-brake limit switch (although that will cheat the circuit). I'm thinking of cutting the "DRL resistor", will that work?

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Installing LED strip lights under deck railing using batteries.

Hello! I would like to install roughly 5.5' Of LED strip lights beneath my deck railing for nightime use. Can anyone recommend an LED strip lighting system with the appropriate specs to light the deck beneath and the battery set up needed for such a system (preferably using C batteries or smaller)? I am completely new to this, but am excited to try it out!

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Does any one know where to get festoon lighting that is at least a foot away from each other and has large bulbs ?

Does any one know where to get festoon lighting that is at least a foot away from each other and has large bulbs ? Or does any one know how to make festoon-esque lighting with large bulbs? preferably

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Car Battery Charger for strobe light power source?

We want to string a bunch of flashing lights along a building wall. We figure at most 30 lights on a run, evenly spaced along a 100 length. The wires will be one black and one red, starting at the power source. The lights are Seco-Larm SL-126, 12 V DC, 200mA each. Can we use a generic car battery charger to power these lights? Assuming the battery charger has enough amps for 30 lights? The lights will be turned on only for an hour or two, then off until the next event. Is it as simple as a car battery charger? Something like a NAPA NBC 85525?

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