How do I get plans from instructables?

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Orrery Plans

Hi folks, I have a little project in mind and I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get plans to build an orrery for our solar system? Alternatively a mains powered orrery mechanism that I can build around would be good as well. Many thanks in advance

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Wanted - plans or ideas...

Greetings Geniuses (Geniei?) I have already scanned the site and youtube but I was wondering if anyone either has or could create plans to build a motorized (gas engine for ease I am thinking) cooler? Any links, help or suggestions most welcome.... Respect, Craig

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DIY Tadpole Cargo Tricycles Plans

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get complete, easy to follow plans for building a cargo bike similar to the Haley bikes out of Oregon? I am not the handiest person nor do I have a shop, welder etc. but I can have some of this done, with good plans.  There are good plans on this site but they seem  to assume more technical knowledge then I have or at least it seems that way at this point in my search. I have been unable to find plans for sale that are for front load cargo tadpole tricycles. Any info would be appreciated. 62Learner

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Indoor small wood window herb boxes I need some plans. How to make them?

I am trying to make some small window boxes from pine and cedar boards. I want them to be about 12" long and 4"  wide with legs if possible I was thinking of making the ends solid with the legs there but for sides I am thinking solid with design painted on or maybe rail things Help thanks Karen

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Plans for a model railroad table? Answered

I'd like to build a table for my son's HO scale model railroad layout, and want one that's not too heavy and can be taken up and down stairs when we move it to a different room after the house is painted. Thanks!

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how to make a dog wheel chair?

My Dachshund Rex has lost ability to use his back legs and the carts are very expensive. My husband and neighbor are pretty good handymen so I figured they could build him one. Wondering if anyone has a building plan they would share.

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can someone make an instructable on how to draw plans?? Answered

Im not very good at drawing plans, so i was wondering if anyone could make an instructable on how to draw good plans, i want them to be good so if i gave someone them they could make my creation, send me links if you have made one or if you've seen a good instructable already explaining this Thanks Joe

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Need build plans for dbl carport?

I need plans on building a sturdy double carport.  I purchased one of those HD packages made with metal rods and vinyl top but I am afraid it will be too flimsy and think I can invest that money in the material for a DIY if I can find a good inexpensive plan.  Thanks for the help.

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plans for under cabinet drawer or spice storage?

I am in need for some plans or ideas of storage under my kitchen cabinets that are mounted on the wall.depth is not critical. something like a spice rack or a knife rack, I will need it to act like a upside down drawer

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how can I make a wild rabbit house?

I wanted to find some free diy plans on making a portable, house for rabbits, that for wild rabbits that's designed so the rabbits will not need any matanince (because they are wild critters which do there own natural thing  so people do not have to disturb them,with access for emergency use. you can make your own project then post it just make sure it's safe for the rabbits and people, I don't want to spend too much money, It's just a possible plan it's not a garrentee   I disclaim I am a humane ethical young man, I am good at heart, I will see what I an do if nessary and get my parents concent, it is meant within the terms of use

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Plans or a place to order a bike rack for a 4-wheeler

Hey Folks, I'm looking for plans or a how-to for building a bicycle rack that mounts to a standard rear rack on a 4-wheeler. I looked a ball-mount hitch type bicycle racks (4-wheeler doesn't have a receiver hitch) for vehicles and they aren't going work. Ideally I'd like it to hold 2 bikes, but at this point I'd take anything. I just can't seem to find anything. Thanks!

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plans for Converting a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw?

I'm needing to use a table saw but only have a craftsman circular. I can't afford to buy a true table saw, but I've seen some people make a table and place the circular upside down, using bolts to attach it to the underside of the work surface on these home built tables.

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Anyone have battery charger monitoring circut plans?

As we all know the biggest problem with cordless power tools is the battery life.  One of the biggest reasons for battery failier is because the companies sell the tools with cheap chargers that cook the batteries.  The tools I have use 18v nicad batteries.  The chargers are the type that take about 3-4 hours to recharge a drained battery pack.  Does anyone know where I could find plans for an inexpensive circut that I could retrofit into the battery chargers to keep them from cooking the batteries?  Idealy a circut that would detect when the battery is almost fully charged and drop down from the 'fast charge' to a 'trickle charge' and eventually shut off completely when the battery is 100% charged. Be a super nice extra bonus if I could put in a circut that monitored the batteries while in storage, maybe topping them off once a week when I go a while without using them.

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Does anyone have plans for a Queen size loft bed?

I'm looking to build a loft for my queen size bed to make more room in my apt, does anyone have plans? thanks

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anyone got plan for a hand operated fly/platten press?

I need to make a small platten press for die cutting thin metal foils using cutting forms the foil is amaximum of a3 size

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Reading plan.....what do you all like to read?

I have taken a break from the technical reading and am reading something a wee bit on the ligher side: I tend to read 2 - 3 books at a time,  switching off from one to the other depending on WHERE I happen to have the time to read.  Currently, I am reading The Varieties of Scientific Experience,  by Carl Sagan.  When at the wash house, or waiting for Ellen to get read to go/do something, I am reading The Enchanted Loom by Robert Jastrow. Both are fairly easy reads (at least I think so). 

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I am looking for plans to build a 6' home bar with a back bar. Does anyone have a set of plans? Thank you!

I have some limited wood working skills. Looking for something that looks good but is easy to build.

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Does anybody have a set of plans for a downdraft sanding table using an old furnace blower?

I have seen numerous 'threads' and discussions on the subject, but no PLANS other than a few pictures.

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How do you down load pdf plans for woodworking projects? Answered

I am a member, I am signed in.  When I select Download PDF for plans, I get a window that asks me if I want to join Instructables.  I've already joined and I am in the website.  If I hit sign in, it takes me to the home page, I do a search on the project, get to the project, select download pdf plans, and again the window pops up asking me if I want to join Instructables. I can never get to the plan that I want to download.  How do you download a pdf from this website?

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Looking for plans to build a single rider rail-bike from an existing bicycle, either for male or female.  Need plans for outrigger, guide wheels, counterbalance, etc.   NOTE: Use of such a vehicle on active railroad property is illegal and subject to Federal punishment unless official authorization is granted by the respective railroad transportation company.

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domed screened pool cover plans using poly water pipes for support?

Installing an above ground pool, but need an inexpensive way to keep bugs and leaves out.  Also, since I am 70 also need something lightweight that I can build.   Has anyone built or have plans for a structure  using the white water pipes as rafters. 

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Anyone have plans for a queen size bed with 21 inch clearance underneath?

Hi!  I'm looking for plans for a queen size bed with 21inch clearance underneath for storage that is super sturdy.  I have some ideas, but I could really use some more help.  And, like I said, I need something that has proper support but has lots of space underneath for storage bins.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you!

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5 axle cnc

I have plans for a head that adds the c and a axles to a cnc, allowing it to be a 5 axle cnc, but I can't build it. does someone can and send me pictures? the plans are below

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Does anyone know where I can find plans for a bicycle powered washing machine?

I've seen old pictures of the contraptions at work but need detailed plans on the gearing, inside of the barrel, and the basin in which it sits. I volunteer at a site where we don't have the standard washer/dryer hookups and if I could get and make this, it would save us a couple of hundred dollars in laundry bills. Also plans for a decent water filter to separate the dirty, soapy junk in the water so I could send the filtered water down the storm drain would be great.

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Im planning to build a small thermal power plant with a 4ton,10.5bar boiler. what is the maximum power i can produce?

Suggest the type of steam turbine and generator to achieve maximum output.

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Anyone got an idea how to make a garden tralier with an acutator on it?

Im planning on making a garden trailer to tow behind the mower im wondering if any one has plans how to make them with a electric acuator on it.

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Does anyone know where I can find plans to build a dirtsurfer or anything else related to one? Answered

I want to build a means of travel that is a little unique.

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Is there an IOS app similar to sketchup?

I'm looking for an app to draw out plans for woodworking projects in 3D. Similar to sketchup, need to create to scale with measurements and be able to accurately align and position elements. Any help much appreciated thanks.

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Suggestions for super basic (free or inexpensive) software for drawing floor plans from scratch?

I'm old school.... T squares, canary paper, ruling pens etc.   I need a super simple drawing program that will let me draw lines to scale on a grid and give dimensions.  I don't need/want  to drag and drop, I don't need bells and whistles, 3D, landscapes, floor plans  etc etc. I've tried ProDraw and another trial program, but find I spend too much time trying to delete  all the 'helpful' extras like doorways - shades of that pesky paperclip 'helper' in Word.  I don't want to drag anything anywhere.  I just want to draw to scale on a computer.  There is a time crunch here, so easy like the original  MS Paint would be good. I have Adobe Elements 1.0  and love it.  If I could figure out how to make dimensional lines with it (is it possible??)  I would be set. Just thought I'd ask before dragging out the Clearprint.   Thanks.

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Safe transportation of hydrochloric acid?

I have some very old bottles of muriatic/hydrochloric acid that I need to get to the dump. I was planning to pack them in a cardboard box with paper packed around them to keep them from toppling over. Is this a good plan? Is there anything I need to be worried about?

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I need a real working pair of Sleepy Hollow goggles! I have the materials & skills.

I have the skills and materials, but need some plans. Does anyone have any suggestions & plans for a really functional pair of goggles like in the " Sleepy Hollow " movie with Johnny Depp and other cool movies ?

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What are the different types of spray paint?

What are the different types of spray paint. Im planning to paint my old laptop

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What to cast?

Hello, I plan on casting some aluminium soon. However, I haven't decided on what to cast.... any ideas??

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How do I get a homemade vehicle registered in Ohio?

I plan on building a two-seater fiat styled homemade car sometime in the future and before I start building and designing I want to know what I need to put on it to make it street legal. I plan on using parts (for ex. the motor and drive-train) from a crashed or junked car and building the frame and such by myself.  I included a picture of the car I'm designing from.

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Does anyone know where I can find some horse-drawn funeral hearse building plans?

I'm doing some research for a friend who wants to build one this year for Halloween. The problem is that there isn't anything on the web that'll help me. There's a TON of images but I need blueprints.

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Engine to Compressor? Answered

I am planning on making a very high volume compressor from a small engine.  I plan to adjust timing and stuff accordingly.  I just wan't to make sure an engine can handle the pressure.  I assume it can because of the explosions it can contain but I just want to be sure it can handle 125-200psi.  And also, is 2 stage really necessary or can I just push all the air in in one stage with a couple pistons.

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convert queen sized material to king sized

I am going to build your plans for  the platform bed with floating nightstands and need to convert the material sizes from queen to king . 

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Need Help on Orrery gears

Hi, I'm planning on building an orrery and I need some help. I've been doing some research on instructions on how to build one. The main thing that I'm not completely understood with is the gears and how they actually work. I know a bit about some basic principles of gear ratios and stuff but not like the actual mechanism (ps i like to look at diagrams). I'm also planning on making 9 planets (i mean 8 + pluto and the moon and the sun). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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What to use for a katana blade??? Answered

I am planning on making a katana. However, I have no idea what variety of carbon steel to get or where to order it from. HELP!!!

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Making a knife out of a lawnmower mulching blade? Answered

I am planning to use a lawnmower mulching blade to make my first knife. I need to know how should I heat treat the blade. I have read about annealing, quenching and tempering but every source of information has different instructions. Since I am planning to do this outdoors, I thought about using motor oil for quenching. Would you please provide some ideas or suggestions? Thank you very much for all your help.

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Building a simple Dc generator?

Greetings, We have a school project and we must a build a DC generator, and I want it to be D.I.Y., but I have a problem, I don't know if the generator I am planning to build can make enough power to make small loads work. My armature is made of several laminated "I" core with winding of AWG#24and1/2, that's my plan, but how many turns shall I wind? is the laminated Iron core enough or should I use iron core instead?, do I need a strong magnet? Thanks in advance!

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