Table saw? Answered

I am going to buy a table saw soon and I was just wondering what I should buy that is under $600 that can be used in a small space or moved outside?

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XY Table

Hi, I am trying to make an XY table using SCC-32 controller board that is controlling Hitec Servos. I was wondering if anyone had an Idea on how I would use C# or any other serial compatible programming language to set up a User Interface where you can click on a " hidden grid" to draw your desired shapes. Thanks in advance John

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Periodic table of condiments

Nope, that isn't a typo. You've heard of the periodic table of elements? Well, check out this hilarious table of condiments that periodically go bad. From Condiment No. 1 (Mayonnaise, which the table says goes bad in 3 months) to Condiment No. 75 (Maraschino, which apparently never goes bad), you can look up just about any condiment you can name to see when you need to toss it out. Or at least when these people think it goes bad.Take it with a grain of salt (Condiment No. 2, it never goes bad!) though-it claims Lemon goes bad in 2 months. Stuff and nonsense. I've eaten 3 month old lemons that were perfectly good.Mendeleev would be so proud...

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Table Saw Issues

My table saw tracks are narrow and I cannot use them for anything. I am wondering if there is a way to build a new top. I want the top to be accurate, but I have no idea how to go about this. I know I would like it to be functional with jigs with rails on both sides to accomodate different fences. Any ideas would be great. I have looked around the internet, but no luck. Thanks for any help. (Ryobi, 10"saw, with stand)  - Corn Dog

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Utilizing a Table Saw?

Hi, I have a Table Saw Bosch 4000 and few other power tools, I do not have a Lathe, Router and planer. is there a way to utilize the table saw to compensate the lack of these tools? Thanks Nazarene

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i have two pieces of cedar that i want to put together side by side

I have two pieces of cedar wood 6foot long 18" wide 2" thick that i want to make a bar out of what is the best way to put them together side by side so they will be strong.On one end of the bar will be attached to the wall  by use of a rwo by four mounted to the studs.And the other end will be attached to a cedar trunk so most of the weight will be on that trunk. What is the best way to put them together so that they will be good and strong.Any ideas would be greatly appreiated thanks.

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Flip-out Table in my living room table drawer? Answered

 Hey everyone well i was sleeping and i had this awsome idea to put flip-out table in my drawer in my living room table. I just want to know what you guys think i would need top do somthing like this. I got the wood to do it and the tools forsure and i brought my brother brain into this so hopfully we gunna make a day of this. if anyone need info on the table i will be posting pics later.

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painting an old table top?

Hello people :) ,  im in the process of painting a table top., ive sanded the top (Lightly) and put an all purpose primer on top, but ive run into a spot of bother, let me explain further. the table top i have detaches from the legs, which bis handy, now looking underneath it, it is painted black, but i can see that it is real wood underneath (i can see and feel grain and knots) BUT on top it seems to be a different wood or covered in something different on top of this, there and rectangles of veneer - which the primer seems to adhere to ok, but the darker part of it dose not seem to pass the fingernail test, so it may  not be the right primer, but im stumped as to what primer i would need, sanding didn't seems to make much of a difference to the dark wood barely dull it really, and im not sure its laminate or some sort of plastic... ive added a picture of the table

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table saw fence help?

Hello my fellow indestructible friends i brought a table saw this the first table saw i got and the fence is not completely strait it goes outwards by a couple of mm or more is this right many thanks for ant response here is the table saw  please tell me if its okay or if not how to fix thanks paul

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Plans for a model railroad table? Answered

I'd like to build a table for my son's HO scale model railroad layout, and want one that's not too heavy and can be taken up and down stairs when we move it to a different room after the house is painted. Thanks!

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Advice on building a coffee table?

I am in the process of building a coffee table out of Tassie oak wood and I am wondering if I will need to put the table top through a thicknesser after I biscuit  join the top together. The only problem the max width the thicknesser can handle is 600mm wide and I want to make the top wider but then I won't be able to put it through the thicknesser so can I just sand the top to make it nice and even since it is hardwood or thickenesser it in two sections . Open for suggestions thanks for your help.

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What is the best place online or offline to buy table legs?

Looking for pre-made legs or has anyone seen a place that sells a base similar to this?;=filter&menuCatalog;=room&menuSubcategory;=213146

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I am restoring a table and this was one of my ideas for the top, I would like opinions? Answered

The table is all black with Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban quotes on it, really I'm just wondering if people like it and if not I'll change it as I'm on the fence

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Will Delta T30 fence fit a Craftman 10 Table saw circa 1970?

I have a 1970 Craftsman 10 in. table saw which has a cast tiron table  27 in. wide and 1.5 in. thick.  I need to replace the rip fence.  Approximately 0.75- 0.85 inches of the casting is available for locationg new holes.  Will the Delta T-30 fence mount to this?  Drilling new holes isn't a problem, I just don't know the geometry of the Delta fence and mounting system requirements.    Apparently, Lowe's no longer carries this product, but it appears to be available from on line sources. Saw Model no is 113.29940 Thanks

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What's the easiest way to make your own table saw out of a common circular saw?

I would love to buy a portable table saw for some upcoming summer projects, but living off unemployment doesn't afford me too many possibilities.  However, I found a bunch of scrap lumber off Craigslist and have a simple 8" circular saw I bought a few years ago.

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How can I fix my damaged table veneer?

There has been an accident with our kitchen table. We accidently cut something on the table with out protection. This has left some pretty obvious gashes in this table. The main problem is we live in a rented accommodation, and this table was supplied with the house. I can see 3 options. 1. Own up to the letting agent and pay an unknown amount for the damage. 2. Replace the table. 3. Try to repair the table some how. Ideally I'd like to get this sorted as cheaply as possible. I have tried buying some coloured pens, but couldn't find the right colour and wax that seemed to be the right colour, but wouldn't apply correctly. Any suggestions?

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I am trying to build a table like this. How could I go about getting a piece of aluminum shaped to fit my table?

Here is a picture of the table - I don't think I would be able to shape it myself.  Is a machine shop my only option?  Do they have online sites that can make something like this? Thanks.

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What will multiple vacuum pumps do to a vacuum system, namely to PSI?

Long story short, I'm looking to make a vacuum forming table, and have most of the thing designed. However, I am looking to use two (maybe three) cheap vacuum pumps until I have the money to get a decent vacuum pump. I know that the pumps (4 CFM) if stuck in parallel will get me roughly 8 CFM, however, what will that do to the PSI? The pumps have a 90 PSI pull (if thats the right phasing to it) and I'm unsure what grade of pip/tubing to get for this. Thanks in advance!! 

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Ideas for my black walnut table?

I cut down 2 huge black walnut trees in my backyard and I have decided to make some tables but I need some tips and ideas for the table.. The thing stumping me the most (haha) is how should I make the legs for a table that small probably 2 feet in across?

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Uses for an old table saw motor?

I have an old table saw motor that I have that isn't in great shape anymore and I was wondering whether anyone had some ideas or links to interesting projects that I could use to re-purpose it? Thanks.

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What are the rails on this Craftsman table saw?

I have a Craftsman table saw with a cast steel top and extension. It is an older model 113.298150. It has a fence front rail and back rail of aluminum that I do not believe is original. The fence is missing. I need help to determine what brand of fence. I will try to attach profile pictures of the rails.Thanks

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Table Fan Motor for Motorized Bicycle

Hello everyone, I was think of turning a normal bicycle into a motorized one. Will taking the motor from an ordinary Table Fan and attaching it to the bike work? I'm planning on running it off a car battery. Any suggestions are welcome :D

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Building A 12 V Table Cigar lighter For My Birthday

I would like to build a distinctive 12 V electric table lighter. I have a really nice cigar box to hold the works, what should I use to power the car cigar lighter assembly I'm using? I have a leftover 120 V AC to 12 V 1 A converter, or should I just use a 120 V to 12 V transformer? I'm pretty sure that the lighter would work with AC and don't know if the 1 A from the converter would be enough. Usually in a car you get more than 12 V, more like 13 to 14 V

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plans for Converting a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw?

I'm needing to use a table saw but only have a craftsman circular. I can't afford to buy a true table saw, but I've seen some people make a table and place the circular upside down, using bolts to attach it to the underside of the work surface on these home built tables.

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How do I make a pulley system to lift a model train display table, while keeping the table horizontal? Answered

My son wants to be able to permanently keep his model train layout fully made up, but we have no space in the house.  I was thinking of making a model display table for in the garage but need a way to easily lift it into the roof space for storing.  The table would need to be kept horizontal while lifted otherwise the trains would fall off the tracks.  I hope the table to be approx. 10' x 6' and presumably lifted from a minimum of 8 points (4 corners + 2 on each long side)

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Work table/bench for working on lawn mowers

I've searched here and elsewhere without any luck. I'm looking for a design for making a table/bench about 20 inches high for use in working on lawnmowers and other items that require a lot of bending or stooping to reach. I'm nearly 80yo and have a pinched sciatic nerve in my back. I can't stoop or kneel (replaced joints in knees and hip) for any length of time without painful consequences. I'd use a stool or chair while working.In the vein of not re-inventing the wheel, I thought I'd ask around before attempting my own design. Two important features are 1) a ramp or hoist to raise and lower the mower/whatever; 2) a lazy susan type table top. I don't have a welder so the thing would have to be made of wood.Thanks,cb21

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Is there any way of seeing how many votes an 'ible has got in a contest? Answered

My dad signed up recently for Instructables, and he's entered into 2 contests (ShopBot and Furniture) with this project. Is there any way of seeing how many votes he has? (I'm still new here too).

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8 seater dining table split lengthwise down the middle; could be joined together for family meals. Is this possible? Answered

I would like to make a dining table that when not in use can be split in (2)  two down the middle of the length of the table and can then be separated into sideboards and used separately as half tables or sideboards.  I have quite a small outside deck.  the tops of the tables would be purchased as slabs.   i would purchase the table tops x2 and the legs x 8 ready made. the dimensions of the table when it comes together  would be to seat 6-8 people when we have family over. I think 6 foot long or 180cm I was wondering would anyone be able to sell me the plans as a pdf  for the list of items required and a DIY of how to put them together?  I am hoping to be able to take the list to the hardware store and get everything cut to shape for me. I can use a drill and a hammer and am not very proficient at either but am keen to make an effort.

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Extended bed for a table saw? I want to cut 8 foot ply-wood as accurate as possible?

I have recently finished an instructable on a miter saw cart.  During the making of it I had to use a circular saw because I do not own a table saw.  My cuts where not to straightest and this resulted in some issues.  While looking at table saws to see if in the future this problem could be avoided I noticed that for the most part tables saws only come with about a 30" fence distance.  I was thinking maybe I could fabricate an extended bed with a simple wooden fence.  I was wondering if anyone had made an extended bed before and whats the simplest way to make a wooden fence?  Thanks for any help!! P.S. Below is the table saw I want to purchase!  Sub-question is this an ok quality Table saw?

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I need to find some parts.

I need to know what the parts on the base and stand of this table are. If you know where I might be able to get them that would be awesome. I think it might be easy to find but would like to know more information before I go searching. Thanks in advance! DP

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Removable Mortar and Pestle help needed Answered

I would like to make an Alchemy Table (before I lose your attention please lemme explain) that has a removable Mortar and Pestle in the center.  I am planning either to have a removable M&P; or have one just built in (carved). I would prefer the first option. I have thought of just creating a hole with a slight bevel to keep it secure but I need help on how to know how big to make the hole.  If I can't get that done and need to make it built in then I would like to know how to make it structurally stable so it doesn't collapse under heavy grinding. (side note on the alchemy part: I am only an Alchemical Apprentice so I'm not ready to transmute anything yet. I'm only interested in it for medicinal purposes. This is going to be a summer project so I have some time to make sure I understand the principles or the practice.)

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Has anyone made a swivel or swing arm out of black pipe fittings??

Ok, so here's the project. I want to make bar stools like the ones in this picture. See how there are two stools attached to a single black pipe upright with tees? My idea is to use schedule 40 uprights 1.5" with class 3000 2" socket weld tees. Dimensions look like the 1.5" will slide through the tee and then I'll weld 2" sch 80 for the arms going to the stools. But while clearances are tight inside the tee and upright, any ideas on how to make things swivel smoothly or take up that extra slop? Or any other ideas on how to skin this cat?

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Protecting wood from heat from fire ? Answered

Hi all, I have been thinking of trying to set a small fire pit into a patio table. Its a fairly solid low "coffee table" type outdoor table so is capable of holding the weight, but im not sure if I can just cast a fire cement bowl to hold the wood/charcoal and set it into the table or would it eventually catch fire through heat transfer. Thanks in advance for any replies. 

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What could make my antique table fan run backwards?

I bought an antique hunter table fan at an auction. The power cord was missing so I replaced it. When I turn it on now it runs but it sucks air rather than blowing it. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

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Anyone out there know how to beef up the power of a Dremel 4" table saw?

I find it all to easy to bog down my 4" table saw, causing the flimsy belt to run off the pulley.  I'm thinking I need to change pulleys to increase speed and, ad a stronger/thicker belt.  Any feedback out there would be appreciated.    Hubiewan

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how to flatten a soda can?

I have some monster energy drink cans I want to flatten for the top of a table. Kinda like one of those beer cap resin tables if that makes any sense. Anyways, I have cut off the ends of a few soda cans but I cant get them to stay flat. I'll listen to any and all ideas, I'm not afraid to buy some tools. Oh yeah I want to be able to use the design of the cans, most of them are discontinued or rare. Hope I'm not confusing anyone. Have a great day!!

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What Do I Need To Know When Buying a Good Work Table?

I'm shopping around for a good table for my seedling of a workshop, but I want to be sure that what I get will be best for what I'm getting it for. I intend on doing a lot of work with foam (and probably heat guns), general prop-making (probably involving a Dremel), and some electronics work eventually (i.e. soldering). The table I'm looking at is this one here. It's stainless steel, of good dimensions for where it's going, and is just as sturdy as it'll ever need to be. Would this work? Would the metal surface be a problem for what I'm dealing with? If so, what material should I look for?

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Looking to make a metal frame/wood topped coffee table, does anyone know where I can find metal framing materials? Answered

I'm a bit of a newbie, looking to make a table kind of like this:  (image attached also) The wood top isn't a problem, but I'm having a world of trouble locating materials for the frame part, particularly in customizable specs so I can keep the table narrow. If any seasoned builders know a good source, or have any other useful tips about my hopeful project, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks :)

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Craftsmen radial arm saw?

Hello all does any one have the diamensions of the table pieces for amodel 113 radial arm saw got my dads old saw in graet shape but table is gone  plaese let me know

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How big of a CNC stepper motor would I need to move a 300Lb 52"x 9' moving table on rack and pinion track? Possible?

Working on a custom CNC machine and I want my table to move instead of the gantry. My best case scenario would be having the table move 300 pounds and my worst case scenario, although acceptable, would be 120 pounds. I would assume the need to allow for the weight of the table itself, another 50 pounds. I'm sure that I could get the table to move but have concerns with: when the table is out eight feet from the router at a compete stop, pulling it back with that kind of weight is going to cause problems. I would like the table to use rack and pinion track and gears as well. I have an additional question as well: Obviously I'm going to need a sizable motor to move what I'm proposing but I would not need something so big to deal with the other two axes, is it okay to mix different size motors run from the same control panel? I would think yes, but want to be sure that I don't need to add anything special to help. I'm open to and appreciative of any and all suggestions and help. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Floating table held by strings with pulley system for up / down?

My room is rather full so i had the idea to build a table that can be lifted up to the ceiling when not needed to save space and act as a cool feature.  My room has a slanted roof and the section that's not slanted ( in the middle) is 43 inches wide and 100 inches tall. length isn't a problem(more than 100")this spot would be an optimal place to build the "levitable". I have access to pulleys and string and all that stuff so i can build it no problem, but I'm not a master with ropes or pulleys or mechanics and I don't know the best way to make this work. Thanks a lot!!

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Want to Learn to Make a Wooden X for the ends of a Coffee Table?

I want to make a Coffee Table that has an "X" at both ends, between the Top and Bottom Shelf, please provide some guiden how I can accomplish that  :-)  and thank you in advance for all your assistance and instructions

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Idea For Workshop Addition? Answered

I recently relocated my electronics table in my workshop and I am currently wondering what to do with all the free space. I am leaning towards a DIY CNC router, but I also might want a welding table. A lathe would also be nice. But my question is simple "What do I put in a 3' by 5' space?" I also don't want to spend 3K on some machinery that is seldom used.

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can you use a simple box fan and filter to make a downdraft table?

I do art gourds and some woodworking, both of which make lots of fine dust. I have seen small downdraft table with about a 10" fan with a screen over it, but they want $175 and I just can't see paying that.  If I cut a hole in a table and mount the fan underneath, but put a filter on top so the dust will stay out of the motor, wouldn't it do the same thing or would it not have enough power?

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I need HOW TO make a table top die cutting machine like ACCU CUT Grand Mark. I have a woodshop and aluminum experience.

I want to make a die cutting machine so my wife can cut marine vinyl shapes that she uses on costumes. The tray should accomodate dies 12 x16". I am trying to make something like the AccuCut GrandMark die cutting machine. Manual crank table top. Thanks for you help. 

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