STEP File Import

After reviewing my latest posting, I noticed that I was able to zoom and rotate the STEP files included with the graphics.  Dumb question - has the STEP file viewer always been included on Instructables or is this a relatively new feature?  Anyway, it's a nice feature for people that want a better understanding of the part. 

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High Resolution view of Victoria Crater on Mars

NASA has released a beautiful high resolution picture of Victoria Crater (below) taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. If you zoom in on the full resolution image, you can see the Opportunity rover's tracks and stopping points (faint lines with bright dots) around the left part of the rim.The photo was taken in July 2009, so many of Opportunity's tracks have already been obscured by wind and sand.

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Help with wiring TIP31 transistor to run LED's on subwoofer?

I am wiring LEDs to my subwoofer to sync in beat of the music, to stop the bulbs from blowing, i am thinking of wiring a TIP31 transistor to it and plug in RCA and 12v in to run it using a rca out to the actual amp, in the attached picture please make sure i got all the wiring right and tell me if it would work id get a bigger picture but it wouldnt let me, just use like browser zoom or open in paint

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ozito ryobi or dremel rotary tool please help need advice?

Hi i have a few questions as the dremel 400 is $199 at bunnings, and the ozito and ryobi are more in my price bracket, please help the ozito is $39 and comes with 42 piece the ryobi is $97 and 115 piece, my questions are 1. will the dremel bit fit both the ryobi and the ozito 2.does anyone have wither of these two and could give advice 3. i want to do wood carving etc, does the following dremel router attachment(the black round one that comes with the kit fit ozito/ryobi);=en&sa;=N&biw;=1600&bih;=750&tbm;=isch&tbnid;=zerVxupOeRyKfM:&imgrefurl;=;=kUk1AF6uf9uEPM&imgurl;=;=400&h;=348&ei;=vr4PUJ7PK6uSiQf2k4CIAQ&zoom;=1 any advice would be great, i am new  to these tools and would use it for a nember of home projects, as would my kids i really want the dremel, but for $39 is it worth it, as i would have to get dremel bits as the ozito ones are crap apparently..... please help and pics and info would be great

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