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Author Spotlight Interviews: Nominate an author! Answered

We recently began a new round of author spotlight interviews.

For the first interview, we chose to reach out and chat with Nikus, who recently won the grand prize in this year's Epilog Contest.

You can check out our interview here: Author Spotlight: Nikus

These interviews are a great way to learn a little more about individual contributing authors here on Instructables, and see what makes them tick!

Is there someone who is an active author that you'd be interested in learning more about?

Now's your chance to nominate a fellow author.

There are no set requirements to be eligible to be nominated. But generally, we're looking for authors who've shared a good handful of high-quality projects, which made a notable splash within the Instructables community.

And yes, if you're feeling bold, you may certainly nominate yourself! : )



20 days ago

Hey Seamster,
How about aproaching Jackman and see if he is a willing candidate. He comes across as an interisting character and puts together some pretty cool stuff with old pallets.