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How to cut a whiteboard? Answered

Over the summer I acquired a very large whiteboard (4' x 8') from a summer camp that was trying to get rid of them. I wanted to put a grid onto it and use it for Role Playing Games-- the only problem being that it is HUGE!

It doesn't fit anywhere in the house other than the garage, so it's been collecting dust in there since the summer. Rather than have it end up in a Goodwill somewhere, I would like to put it to use.

My plan is to cut it into a few smaller pieces because it would be able to fit into my house and be more proportional to RPG size.

So the question is: How might I cut this whiteboard without chipping or cracking it?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Remove any metal edging from it. Use painters tape on the white board side where you want to make your cut. This will help prevent chipping. Then you can use a table saw to make the cut. The more teeth per inch you have on the saw blade the cleaner the cut will be for you.