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I´m building skateboard and I need some tips, anyone? Answered

I am doing a sophomore project which is building a skateboard and I need some tips on how to and how long will it take and I need a certain paint anyone know what it´s called? 


Jack A LopezJack A Lopez

Answer 3 years ago

No. Wait. I'm not sure if opensourceboards is actually giving anything away, which means their domain name is rather misleading. But no need to worry! Because there are other places out there, actually giving away, like for free, something in the way of skateboard building tutorials, like here:


Special paint huh? I have no idea regarding the special double secret skateboard paint to which you refer. Just a cursory glance at some of those tutorials leads me to believe the secret ingredient is actually: wood glue.


Just a guess.


3 years ago

There are 1000 reasons why it may take longer then you expect But exactly how long no one can tell you.

"Certain paint" is too vague you need to at least give us some properties of the paint.

You need to study other projects to do this, study existing skateboards, measure them and look at how they are built.

Look up to properties of Plywood, None skid paint and Skateboard wheel trucks.


3 years ago

How long depends on your size and what you plan to do with it, e.g. street style, ramps and tricks, downhill...
The drive part is easy as you only need to screw on the axis mounts and that's it.
But if you worked with laminated wood or made your own plywood, like bending it into shape you will have a hard time.
Ok, unless you want a plain and flat board with too much weight and no performance...


3 years ago

First, there have been quite a few skateboard-based projects - if you browse them, and maybe refine the search terms, you should find what you want.:


Secondly, many, many skateboards have no paint at all. Presumably your "certain paint" has a specific function - if you told us that, we could help more.