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Q: Others having difficulties about reading private messages in istructables profile page? Answered


I just wonder, is it just me.. Or is there some known, wider issues on istructables page, that prevents reading private messages?

I have tried couple days to read my messages, but when i click "Inbox", i end to the front page of the instructables, instead to my mail. :(





Hi Sam.

I found another bug?
This page acts very differently between Chrome and Opera.

I edited my latest instructable more better.. But i can't see those changes with chrome at all. I have deleted the cookies etc.. but it still looks very differently. It shows only some of those fixes that i made. This happens if i am logged in.
On the picture left is Chrome, right Opera.

Its about this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/One-Hour-Bench-Gr...
Can you see eight steps on it?


I see the updated version in Chrome, currently. It likely just took some time for the updates to be reflected, probably due to the way the site caches the original data a faster page load. After logging out and back in, do you see the updates showing in Chrome yet?


Yep. I can see them now. Issue seems to be like you said.
Good to know, i have sometimes, re-edited my instructable because i have tought that something went wrong with the saving process.
Chrome seems to syncronize settings from the phone to pc browser too. If i turn on/off data saving from my mobile, it changes setting from the desktop version too.


4 weeks ago

Hi Tuomas,

This happens to me as well, and it's a known issue to the site's engineers related to page caching. For me, logging out and back in resolves it. Does that resolve it for you?


Yep. It seems to help, if i don't close the browser between unloggin and loggin back.
I usually don't save passwords to browser and keep myself unlogged. It didn't work if you we're already unlogged and logged in.

Thank you. Great that solution was that simple.