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Smallest Partical? Answered

I know atoms,guleons,gravitons,ions,quarks,ect. I cant ask what is the absolute smallest size of an atomic partical,but what is the smallest YOU know?



4 years ago

"Particle," not "partical." The leptons (electrons, muons, taus, and their neutrinos) and quarks are considered pointlike entities in the Standard Model. That is, they have zero size, just quantum properties (charge, mass, etc.).

Experimentally, the best limit we have is on the charge radius of the electron, which is known to be less than 10^-22 m [Dehmelt 1988]. From deep inelastic scattering experiments at SLAC and DESY, we have similar limits (< 10^-20 m) on the charge radii of quarks.

You can find out a lot of this from Wikipedia, or from the articles included in the Review of Particle Properties (http://pdg.lbl.gov/).


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you for the info,sir. i like your understanding of the laws and your way of simplifing the wording of it is very helpful.thank you.