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What is the difference between an NGK BPR-6ES spark plug and a NGK BP-6ES spark plug? Answered

I need to replace a spark plug that is a NGK BPR_6ES and the only replacement i have is a NGK BP-6ES.Will it be suitable for a small honda motor on a davey pump.


Aaron M.F

3 years ago

Can you tell me why the replacement plug I got for a push mower is a BPR-6ES when the original spark plug is a BPR-5ES? Are they by any chance interchangeable?

Thanks much.

Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Structurally they are the same the only difference is the BPR 6ES has an internal resistor.
The BP 6ES should work better then the BPR 6ES on a small engine.