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moving bike into stationary bike Answered

i'm trying to make a regular bike that can be riden inro a stationary bike ive beed trying to make a stand but all i've gotten was a wast of time please help thanks



10 years ago

If you want to spend $100 USD for something like bike trainers they clamp on to the rear hub and lift the bike slightly so the rear wheel rubs on a resistance device. Or you could look up bike rollers which are a set of aluminum tubes or rollers for the rear wheel and the the front forks are clamped into a "wheelhub stand" and you ride it like a car is on those test rollers for inspection. You can also ride those without support when there is a roller for the front wheel. That takes some skill to learn how to ride that and get up to speed without falling down. I'm sure you can make one out of some aluminum tubing and parts.


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