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what is the best way i can clean my motorbike at a reasonable price? Answered

I have a yamaha xvs dragstar, this is my first bike and it would be very helpfull if someone could tell me the basics for cleaning my bike.
the best way to describe my bike is a crome armchair (just to give you an idea of what kinda cleaning i need to be doing)
i have a "buffering/polishing towle"
i'v read that hosing the bike down to remove excess dirt is a good idea...am i right in thinking so?
am i ok using soapy water or should i fork out and get some foam/gunge/spray?
any help is much appreciated



8 years ago

I'd suggest taking it to one of the "do it yourself" car washes -- not the mechanical type, but one of those which provides a high-pressure spray gun. Among other things, you're going to be washing some oil off the bike, and the car washes are designed to capture that oil rather than releasing it into the environment.

On the other hand, I've washed a car using dishwashing detergent in the past, using a hose-end mixer nozzle normally used for spraying fertilizer onto plants, and it worked pretty well.


Answer 7 years ago

Don't use a jet washer on your bike, it only washes all the grease out of the bearings in the wheels and frame, resulting in expensive replacements. Been there, done that.

Also that spray on bathroom foam works quite well in the nooks and crannies


Answer 8 years ago

ahhh ok thanks
any idea of suitable types of wax/polish to clean my tank and the chrome parts (baring in mind the exhaust gets extremly hot)


Answer 8 years ago

I'd suggest you ysk at an auto parts store -- I'm sure you're not the first to want to do this, and they should have some experience with their customers telling them what does and doesn't work.