230V AC to 12V 0.2A DC

Could you guys please post a scheme for doing this thing? Thanks

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The secondary of the transformers output 2 volts above the ripple to 35 volts.

This circuit should be good up to 1 amp.

I forgot the schematic.

12 volt supply.bmp

you could use 1N4001 or 2 or 3 .............

iceng2 years ago

230 VAC kills amateurs who attempt to make electrical supplies

iceng iceng2 years ago

You can get a 12V 1000ma = 1amp better power supply that runs from 100 VAC to 240 VAC for only $3.95


luky58527. (author)  iceng2 years ago
Ye I know but this wasn't about it. I also know it can kill me. I've done some schemes before and i wanted to try custom power supply for my recent project. Anyway a friend of mine came and helped me with this and I (we) have sucessfully finished it already. But thanks for your reply.

Great !

We would enjoy some pictures..

Some topics just make me wonder....

-max-2 years ago

power supplies and wall adaptors will be your friend!

FarmerKJS2 years ago

I would buy a transformer AKA wallwart.


that would work wereever you are

Buy one.

Otherwise, transformer, rectifier, reservoir capacitor, regulator = much more than buying one.