Animatronic hand help! Is this the right tubing?

The instructables member Tannatraad  made an instructable on how to make an animatronic hand. ( and it is made using the black wire encasing tubing found in cars. I bought some, but mine has a slit running down the whole side. The picture shows exactly what kind of tubing it is (ignore the clear tubing.) Is there a simple fix, or do i have to go out and buy the right kind of tubing, if what i have won't work. 

Picture of Animatronic hand help! Is this the right tubing?
You can get your wire loom from
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rickharris6 years ago
Either glue the tube together or put heat shrink tubing over the outside and shrink on.
frollard6 years ago
probably need to get the solid tubing...
iceng6 years ago
Themajor13 said "Try an automotive store. I work for Napa and we have a bunch of that stuff for wiring cars. It's called wire loom. Make sure you don't get the split loom because it has a slit down the center."

I have the split version for easy insertion of wire bundles after the fact into 
the protective shroud and didn't even know that they were available as
un-split tubing.

So I read the 244 comments on the instructable you referred.