Arduino code, but bought Lua?

Hi, I'm not yet a newbie... about to try my first project. The project is a relay shield on a WeMos D1 Mini, with Arduino code to download to use to open the house door (via an intercom).

I accidentally bought a WeMos D1 Mini loaded with Lua (I didn't know what that was). So can I proceed and download the Arduino code ? Pour Is that hopeless cuz it is Lua loaded?

Thanks so much for any advice!


bekathwia1 month ago

I'm not personally familiar with the WeMos devices, but in my experience with ESP8266 boards, it's possible/easy to overwrite the Lua firmware with Arduino's bootloader. You will have to install additional board support before you can use Arduino to program it, too. My Internet of Things Class walks you through that process:

bk99 (author)  bekathwia1 month ago

Hi Becky,

Thanks for the reply! I've actually made good progress. I've got the examples Blink and BlinkWithoutDelay working, the latter opens and closes the relay shield.
But I'm trying to get theWiFiManager to work and struggling. Don't know if the code is the issue or the soldering maybe (or just my ignorance).

This is my first try at anything. The sketch is relayctrl found in I was able to connect to the wifi once and input my home's SSID and PW but then not being able to control it nor to re-do it.

Any advice? Thanks a million!!!!!

bk99 (author)  bk991 month ago

Never mind!! I got it to work! :))))))))))))))) Amazing :) Now I can open my door from a button on my phone.