Can I charge a Leyden jar using a battery eliminator giving upto 20volts...If not, what is the minimum voltag required?

I will be extremely glad if you have the answer.

yokozuna7 years ago
Apparently you can't... since this is like the fifth time in two days you've asked.
BANANI (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
Then tell me the minimum voltage required
kelseymh BANANI7 years ago
Why not do a bit of research on your own, as Re-design said.

You have asked a number of questions, and your responses and follow-ups make it very clear that (a) you did not build what you think you built, (b) you don't know how the device is supposed to work, (c) you are unwilling to look up information on your own.

You need to either go to an actual, physical library, and read actual physical books, or you should go to a reputable source (like your school science teacher) and ask these questions in person.

Re-design7 years ago
A leyden jar is usually associated with hundreds or thousands of volts. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of volts.

It seems to me that you have gotten off track and built a device and have done no research on what it actually is.  You should google "leyden jar" and study what it is that you actually have there so you can use it properly.