Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier and then hook up the rectifier to a capacitator and LED?

Hi Does anyone know how to hook up a motor to a rectifier to convert AC to DC. Then the current needs to be passed to a capacitator, and finally discharged to an LED. I am doing this for my science fair. Thank you!

fd188 years ago
Are you sure your motor is producing an AC voltage. If it's not, there are a couple things you can do. First, you could just connect the DC power source(motor) directly to your LED. Or depending on what you really want to do you can have an external AC power source, rectify it, then put your motor and LED in parellel to make them run at the same time.
chief tyrol8 years ago
This is a circuit diagram. Any capacitor above 100uf and rated for twice the voltage that this will produce should work
jeff-o8 years ago
The rectifier might be marked with four symbols: ~ and ~ and + and -. The two ~ symbols connect to the outputs of the AC motor. You can guess the rest: + is positive, - is negative.
Sparkington8 years ago
Well this link will help, where it says load connect your led. The ac source will be your motor. Hope this help. Circuit Diagram