Help help help

I need help! Im trying to get rid of two pictures, due to legal reasons, when i do this, it says the pictures are in use! What do I do, help me out ASAP?


Kiteman5 years ago
Go to your image library, and find the thumbnails of the images concerned.

In the corner of the thumbnail will be a small X.

Click it.

If you ignore the warnings, and keep on clicking, images will go away, both from the library, and everywhere you have used them around the site.

canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm assuming you're using them on an instructable?

If so, you need to "edit" the instructable (or wherever they are "in use") and remove them from there first and then you can delete them from your library.

If this wasn't what you meant, then let me know.
+1, Just make them not "In use" anymore.
FlatLinerMEDIC (author) 5 years ago

Not working. Clicked and clicked not working. I NEED THIS GONE!