How do i get the app that i made in adobe cs5 on my ipod?

When i try itunes it says that it isn't compatible and on installous it says invalid ipa. i used the certificate method described in this instructable the only strange thing is that it says "air for ios" rather than "iphone" in cs5. is this why it wont work? my ipod is a 2nd gen mc 8 gig.

I just found out that cs5.5 (actionscript 3.0) isn't compatible with 2nd gen ipods, so how do i get cs5 rather than cs5.5 or how do i make a compatible ipod app in cs5.5?

orksecurity6 years ago
Websearching "+adobe +cs5 +ipod" finds about 50 million hits. Surely some of them are detailed instructions...?