How do it open a ROM in a emulator?

I'm really new to emulators, and i successfully used a SEGA Genesis one, but i found a NES emulator (FCEUX) and i can't open a single damn file! I've followed the instructions, just click "file" and open the file, but WHAT is the file, WHERE is the file.

Doctor What7 years ago
 Put files where you know you can locate them, for instance, in a folder called ROMS on your desktop.  

In my emulator, I have to open the file (hit open, select the file from my roms folder), then hit run. 

The "Run" command is usually located in the CPU section of your menu bar.  Also, with my emulator, you can hit F2 to run the rom.

I'm using the Nintendulator, an NES emu.
lemonie7 years ago
What error does it report when you try?
(I assume you have actually got some NES ROMs)

NYPA (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I do not have any ROMS.
lemonie NYPA7 years ago
Well, you're not going to be able to open a ROM in an emulator if you don't have any. Have you searched for "NES ROM"?