How do you make a give away box for a home made cake?

If I make a regular box mix cake and want to give it for a raffle or to a friend, I need a container that I can give away. How can I cheaply package such a cake?

Whenever there's a sale on canned fruit, chili, etc, I take the cardboard 'flat' that it comes in. Pop can 'flats' work great for 9"x13" cakes. Cover in aluminum foil, place 'frill picks' in the top of the cake, and cover with saran wrap. Great for cupcakes at school functions. For more protection, use a box w/ higher walls. If you are afraid the cake will slide around during transit, place 2oz bathroom size paper Dixie cups upside down around the cake, insuring only the rims will touch the cake. This works especially well if you placed the cake on a piece of foil or wax- covered cardboard first.
ChrysN8 years ago
Here is a box you can make from a cereal box, although it may not be the ideal size or shape for a cake, there is another cardboard box design here or you can modify a shoe box with these instructions.
bluevelvet4 (author)  ChrysN8 years ago
I will definitely try using your method to make a needed box. Well done. Thanks