How to Clean a Glass Stove Top?

I have a glass stove top that I cannot get clean.  I have tried oven cleaner, Bon Ami, Ajax, Comet and the run of household cleaners.  I am not concerned about scratching at this point (I tried steel wool!), but want the black burn off!

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aeray7 years ago
After trying many methods and chemicals, I use a baking soda and vinegar slurry, and then finish up with a new, clean single edged razor blade and a bit of elbow grease.
iPodGuy7 years ago
Lye, sodium hydroxide, oven cleaner
Koosie7 years ago
Well, if you've already used steel wool then it probably looks pretty scratched.  What would leave a nice-ish, even look, is a sanding machine with a fine (not super fine) sand paper.  Sand that baby clean and leave an even finish.  Who knows, you might even prefer it to the clear look.
lemonie7 years ago
Did you spill something on this that it doesn't like, such as jam?
A scraper should take off hardened dirt if other techniques have failed


Re-design7 years ago
We uses a scraper that is a straight edge rasor blade in a metal handle.  It works for us.

Bar keepers friend is good also.  It's a very mild abrasive cleaner.
frollard7 years ago

google "glass stovetop cleaner"

There is a specific cleaning goo designed just for this job.