I bought some 200mW, 850nm IR LED's

I got them for a project and have been testing with them. So far I haven't been able make them product light with a AA battery. If anyone know what i can do to try to fix this please comment.

PS. I was using a digital camera to check if it was emitting light.

Picture of I bought some 200mW, 850nm IR LED's
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rickharris6 years ago
1, what is their specification? They will have a specific forward voltage required to drive them

2. You will/may need a resistor to limit te current flow.

As per this site http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
+1. 200mA seems like a lot of draw for a single 5mm led (per the picture). If those are 10mm leds, then 200 is acceptable but probably more than the standard 1.2v for an IR led.
his question actually says 200mW (S)He may have got that wrong though
touche :)
signposts (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everyone i think i have it working now. :D