I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldent last.

I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldn’t last he said it’s like going outside when its 20 out and wetting yourself with a hose so me being me i said i could so im gonna wait till its 20 out and wet myself and spend that day outside. What can i do to stay warm and make it the 8 hours???

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Trollish troll is trollish.

On the off-chance this isn't, don't. You'll get hypothermia and die. Also, check your dad's figures, and ask him about wind-chill, and whether it's normal for Koreans to just stay outside in the bitter cold without going inside.
He is not korean he was talking about the war
It's all about where the water is. A light layer of clothing will dry fast, but isn't much good at keeping you warm after. Thicker clothing will wick heat away from the body UNLESS you can stop the transfer by using things like wool (which will stay warm even when wet) or by blocking the transfer (with water-proof layers that create new air insulation). If you have a very good windbreak (like a shed) you could just keep moving to stay warm.

And 20 degrees isn't all that cold ; )
Don,t try this at home (author)  jtobako7 years ago
It isent that cold but being wet makes it really cold.
Being wet means you don't get the insulative effects of an air pocket held against and warmed by the body. It also means you're actively using body heat to evaporate the water.

Sweating, or jumping in a pool, or dousing yourself cools you in summer. It'll still cool you in winter.

There are fabrics which don't lose as much insulating value when wet. Wool is one of them; some of the thermal-fleece things likewise. But they're still not really a solution.

Note too that kids have a worse mass-to-surface-area ratio than adults, and lose heat more rapidly.

You can't win the bet as posed; you can hurt yourself badly. 0th Commandment: Don't Be Stupid. Evolution takes no prisoners.

If the challenge was phrased differently, there might be solutions. If I had to be outdoors in those temperatures while being wet, a skindiving wetsuit might almost be a workable solution. That traps a heated layer of water against the body rather than a heated layer of air, and keeps it from losing too much heat to the surroundings. I still wouldn't want to make a bet on it -- that's too much encouragement to get into trouble -- but it might be an interesting experiment to try under careful supervision.

(Though the whole "you wouldn't last" thing Bothers Me. Given equivalent training and preparation and resources -- and fixing the mass/surface ratio -- odds of survival ought to be pretty similar unless there's something else going on. "As you are, you wouldn't last" may be correct. "You couldn't last" probably isn't. But doing something dumb like this would just confirm that you aren't currently equipped to make the decisions necessary to survive.)
jeff-o7 years ago
So how much is the bet worth?
Don,t try this at home (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
50 dollars.
8 hours outside in wet clothes? Not worth it.
Kiteman7 years ago
20C? You'll spend the day warm and wet.

20F? Write your will before you go outside.

Don,t try this at home (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
20 F lol
NachoMahma7 years ago
. See also: hypothermia .
lemonie7 years ago

It's cold in Korea today, but a bit colder where I am, and I'm not going outside wet.

Dr. Pepper7 years ago
Haha! Um..... sorry, well thats a tough one. Good luck if you do find a way!