I need to know what a part is called on a laptop mother board?

I recently removed my motherboard from my laptop to repair my DC Jack.  That operation was successful. However I created another problem. I broke the little white plastic reciever piece that accepts the wire connector from my heat fan/sink. Its a four wire connector.  I desoldered the piece from the motherboard. I am just not sure what this piece is called. I want to order a new one and solder it on.

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Re-design7 years ago
Are you talking about a ribbon connector latch, socket, connector?  They have several names.
galapogus21 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Ok here is the piece Im talking about. It solders to the motherboard. The heatsink/fan has four wires with a harness on the end that plugs into this piece.
it is a female type 4 pin header. measure the length of the heade leads as well as its spacing to give you the name.
Eg: 4 pin female type 0.1"spacing 3"leads
Looks like it might be a JST connector to me - BIG Japanese connector maker, or possibly Hirose
You may have to get something close that will work or change both pieces.

Look at this.
the mother board is placed in the body were key board place