Is there any way to find out what caused a large spike in views of an Instructable?

I check my view stats a few times a week just to see what is getting attention and this last week I had a large spike in views of one instructable.  It normally gets about 10 to 20 views a day and suddenly it went to almost a thousand in one day, then dropped to a few hundred for 2 more days and now is back down to normal, (18).  As far as I know it was not put on the home page or anything like that (I never received any notification about it) so I am really curious about what might have caused such a spike in interest. Looking at the traffic sources it just says "other". Is there any way to find out what was going on?

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kelseymh4 years ago
One thing to try (and it's a long-shot), is a Google search on the exact title of your I'ble. Put the whole thing in quotation marks, or maybe copy the title-string part of the URL into Google. If you got picked up by a blog, there's a fair chance they copied or referenced the title.
Vyger (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
I tried doing and search and sure enough it turned up. It appears it was put up on a Facebook page for DIY. There are several older apperances on other sites (blogs) but the Facebook one looks to be the newest. It is put up as a link with a little notation and it directs people to the instructable.

In older versions of the instructables it used to list all the search engines and blogs and such that were linked to the instructable. It appeared in the right panel under the statistics. Wonder why they dropped it.
There is a formula but I will give you the easy answer.

It is the nail factor.

You can never find a nail when you want one.

But your car tire can when you don’t want one.
Hahaha, very good saying, Josehf.
The outrageous part is it is so true.

Pike season opened today I caught 1 pike and 2 carp so I am making gefilte fish. with carp there is a trick to preparing it so I making an instructable on it.

you might like it

iceng4 years ago
I find many of my images on google
Could be that the system crawlers from goolge, msn, yahoo and others may have hit your page on the same day. Could be that someone found your article and posted it on there blog. You never know.
bwrussell4 years ago
I wish.