Knex vehicle project ideas?

I am quite stuck for fresh ideas for knex vehicles so I was hoping anyone could give me new ideas!! or you could just give me a few features that ive not already made to concentrate on. ^_^

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bazer15 years ago
build an landrover tdi 200 with offroad kit on
Boasz6 years ago
build a dodge charger.
jingo69 (author)  Boasz6 years ago
good idea!!!!!!! thanks =D
Make a 1993 Buick Roadmaster if possible =D
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
Which one exactly? (I typed it in google and it came up with 10 different versions!)
Here is a 1992 Sedan =D
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
its okay, although looks quite boring. I'll still try though =D
They actually went pretty quick for how big they were =D
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
okay (I dont know much about proper american cars) but know much more about european cars
Yeah, I know more about american cars because im from the USA. And we have steering on the left side of the car.
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
im from england, and its the opposite side i'd say that most normal cars here are boring in comparisent!
Yea, I would never adapt to right side driving.
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
I cant drive anyway im only 12!
Ill be driving in less than a year now.
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
WOW! i'd be realy excited about it if I were you!
Oh im excited alright =D
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
What would you buy as a starter car?
Either a 1996 Chevy Impala SS or a 1992 Buick Roadmaster =D
jingo69 (author)  beanieostrich6 years ago
nice =D
life size!!!!!! no i'm just kidding you should make a remote controled dune buggy that would be cool. If you could'nt get it remote controlled then motorized would be cool too
jingo69 (author)  patriots88886 years ago
I like your ideas but ive already made that and I have quite little K'nex :(
it's ok i have barely enough to make a block trigger gun =)
Nice idea ! I still don't have Knex