Should I use Audio-taper or Power-taper?

 In circuit bending, should I use an audio-taper Pot, or a power-taper for the bends on the circuit board?
Or is there even a difference between the two?

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gmoon7 years ago
Yes, there is a difference.

Linear taper is, well...linear. If you turn it 1/4 turn, you get a 25% resistance change. If you turn it 1/2 way, you get a 50% resistance change.

Audio taper pots are logarithmic (or close to it.) They are non-linear because the human ear doesn't respond in a linear fashion to changes in loudness (audio power.)

It's commonly accepted that for amplifier to sound twice as loud, it requires ten times the power. Yep, that's correct. Twice as loud as 10 watts = 100 watts. Half as loud as 10 watts = 1 watt.

That's a log relationship. The same relationship is used in decibels, the most common measurement for loudness.

However, how a specific circuit responds to a change (like substituting a POT for a fixed resistor) is dependent on the circuit itself. Sometimes an audio POT is called for; sometime a linear POT is better. It's best to have both on hand...
Best answer.
Zem (author)  MahavishnuMan7 years ago
 Agreed. Thank you Gmoon!!
gmoon Zem7 years ago
:-). Good luck "bending."
Zem (author)  gmoon7 years ago
What IS "circuit bending" ?
Circuit bending: Abusing a manufactured electronic device to make it do something it wasn't designed for. Most often, the goal is for it to produce odd, and possibly musically useful, sounds.
Thanks for that.
Audio cicuits need log pots, nothing else does.
Re-design7 years ago
Do you mean "Linear" and audio?

Linear changes the same amount per degree of turn anywhere in the rotational field.

Audio taper the change increases exponentially as you turn the dial.  It mimics how we hear sound.