So I just watched Goonies and I think someone should make an instructables on how to make a Data outfit.

There's a picture of it incase you all don't remember

And heres one of the features

Would love to hear back from someone who's also a big Goonies fan!

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orksecurity6 years ago
Just remember: Most of those gadgets are pure film props, operated via wires and fishing line and tubing and such from outside the camera's view. Building something that _looks_ like them, for costuming purposes, should be straightforward. Making them work... in general, forget it.
joe375 (author) 6 years ago lol and done! haha no I will look into it. As of now I am broke and have no idea as to how to make those contraptions. Any suggestions on how to go about making the gadgets? Like what is the OctDBlaster?
kelseymh6 years ago
That sounds like a terrific idea! Make sure you take lots of pictures as you create the components, and ask someone to take a few pictures of you wearing the costume when you're finished (those will be great for you to use in the Intro of your Instructable).
orksecurity6 years ago
Someone should. Since you're interested, that someone should be you...