Uses for a handheld TV?

I have this handheld analog TV and I wondered if there was any use for it. A friend gave it to me he bought it just after the analog to digital conversion. It works and is brand new. Does anyone knowa use for it? Do you think any one would buy it if I tried to sell it through the instructables forum.


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thegeeke5 years ago
I love to use those portable TVs for a video monitor when I'm shooting on a tripod. If you're into video production, it's a great use for them. I always grab old portable DVD players from people when they stop playing DVDs, because the line-in jacks normally still work. (I have all the monitors I need right now, otherwise I would consider buying it from you) This is just a suggestion incase you are into video, but I also like blkhawk's suggestion.
blkhawk5 years ago
If you are into electronics, you can make a handheld oscilloscope.
nurdee1 (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
That might be a good idea. Do you know of any websites with plans.
blkhawk nurdee15 years ago
You don't need to go too far. This site has a lot of 'ibles of CRTs turned into oscilloscopes. Just search the word "oscilloscope" in the Instructables search form and you will find many of those plans.

Check these:

Fully Functional Television Oscilloscope

How To: Make A CRT TV Into an Oscilloscope
Kiteman5 years ago
You'd be better-able to sell it through ebay.

You could convert it to digital, though, since there are a number of quite small "digital boxes" on the market.
nurdee1 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Where would I get one of these digital boxes and how much would it cost.
Kiteman nurdee15 years ago
A quick google reveals this tiny model from Amazon UK.  I'm sure there are similar devices available in the US.