What airsoft brands make good M4's?

I want to get a new airsoft gun. My price range is 150 to 300 dollars. So many brands make M4's so I need to find the best one for the right price. I know M4's are extremely popular but Iove the look of them.

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with that price range, i would suggest getting a classic army. theyre not the strongest guns out there (usualy have 325-350 fps), but theyre certainly some of the most reliable. they also have a "sportsline" model, which has a faster motor and a tight bore barrel, giving it crazy ROF and good accuracy, but feature ABS recievers (main outer body) keeping prices lower. G&G are also an amazing brand, and theyre strong too, but their guns never include a battery OR charger, making you have to buy your own. one thing is AVOID jg. their guns are strong, but theyre REALY unreliable and theyre gearboxes are WAY too over-greased (uppon field-strriping my friend's, i found grease on the iner barrel, hopp-up system and all over the trigger)
You could buy a G&G combat machine and upgrade it if you want to pick and choose what to put your money into. I have one stock ( upgrading soon ) and it fires great even without upgrades.
msi0115 years ago
ECHO 1 is a nice brand if you're OK with China made AEGs, but I myself own a KWA KM4 RIS and I'm very satisfied with it. The external build quality is great, and all the guns in the the KWA 2gx series have some of the best internals on the market, and the ROF is great with a 9.6. The G&G prolines also sound OK, and so do the Classic Army X Series AEG series.
owlart1015 years ago
Okay, so, my M4 is an Echo 1 Stag and I love it to death, it never failed on me. Here is a link to it, it is $255: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_44_215&products_id=31441
I would reccomend getting a 9.6 small type and a smart charger.
This gun has a great ROF which is good for suppressing fire, but is also very accurate.
Im getting a tight bore barrel and flip up sights installed, so I can use it as a sniper rifle.Oh, and if you need rails for it, just send evike an email including your guns product number and they will tell you which one to get.
rec0n6 years ago
VFC is the best. JG are good, a good shim job and re-grease, and they can last up to 3 or so years. CA sportlines are trash, ICS makes great M4s, KWA is over-rated, TM is great, CA X-series should be the only CA you consider, Echo 1 is good, G&G plasticas are great, don't get a CM, and ARES has bad QC. Get the VFC, you will not regret it.
airsofter1 (author)  rec0n6 years ago
Yeah, I got a G&G GR16 Blowback "plastica" for Christmas. I love it, and when I have the money I will upgrade the body to full metal and probably throw a high speed motor in there and maybe a set of high speed gears. I also agree with you, VFC makes some awesome guns.
If you're willing to spend $300, go for a Tokyo Marui. Tokyo Marui was the first brand to make the modern day AEG.

Heck, you might even want to consider one of AirsoftGi's custom guns.


The problem that I have with Classic Army is that their magazines tend to break. Granted, some are from accidental overwinding, but they still break for unknown reasons too.

Yes, that's not really a question of how good their M4's are, but it's something you definitely want to consider.
really, for a cheap yet nice m4 custom, use crossman. an m4 custom (under the name stinger r36) is about 40 bucks at walmart and comes with a small 200fps gun.
Crosman makes low end guns. Your better of getting the middle-higher brand names. Some middle brands are JG, Echo 1, UTG, ICS, and CYMA. Some higher end brands are G&G Pro. Series, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, KWA, King Arms, ICS, and ARES. Low brand names are Double Eagle, Crosman, Cybergun guns that are low priced, Walmart guns, and Both Elephant. The low end brands are considered good for beginner airsofters only.
then buy yourself a Smith and Wessen shotgun. 30-40 bucks, 350 fps, comes with flashlight, scope, speed loader, and BBs. batterys included.
airsofter1 (author)  Quest for Questions7 years ago
As I previously stated, I need automatic. Bad scope bad bb's. Thats a walmart gun.
airsofter1 (author)  Quest for Questions7 years ago
I dont buy the cheap walmart airsoft guns anymore. It's a plastic gearbox and will break extremely easily in a match.
trust me, you can by the same model at an airsoft shop but it's super expensive and it's same quality .
airsofter1 (author)  Quest for Questions7 years ago
Trust ME, it's crossman. They make poor quality electric guns. I go through 2500 rounds when I feel conservative in a day. I doubt I could hit a man sized target from 75 feet with that gun.
Whaaa ??? My M4 isn't automatic, it was a stinky gun at first. I just went to a free gun doctor that adds 50fps to your gun, paints it jet black, put's on a awesome scope you thought was stinky and you get the most awesome gun in the world ( mine kinda looks like an mp5\m4). Plus all of this, if he breaks your gun, he buys you a sniper and a machine gun.
airsofter1 (author)  Quest for Questions7 years ago
Ok then, I want automatic. I simply cannot compete and have a chance without an automatic in a match.
my favorite and i think best m4 is A&K and its about 450 fps,full and semi auto, it comes with a battery and charger, now if you do get the m4 GEET A BOX MAG! those things run out of ammo so fast it doesnt matter what brand.
I hear combat machine (or G & G) makes good m4's. The great part about these is that they are endless upgrades! You can add a sniper scope, red dot, improved spring, metal body, better battery, cooler looking stock or guard. The possibilities are endless!
miiwii37 years ago
kinda skimpy answer i know but check out www.airsplat.com same day shipping :)
meanbean7 years ago
That depends... Highest quality in that budget would most likely be Classic Army. My personal recommendation would be an Echo 1 m4. That is around $200 and they make high quality guns. Just make sure you find a reliable website! (evike.com or airsoftgi.com)