What is sharpies?

Its involved in t-shirt making tips from this site .Please answer my question

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phalanx4478 years ago
"Sharpie" is a brand name of a permanent marker- on whose ink does not wash away.
WRONG...in school we were wrtiting RAWR and such on my arm (long story) and it just washed off in no time....
kelseymh fwjs288 years ago
Did the Sharpie you used have "permanent" on the label? They make both permanent and non-permanent markers; they even have a line of whiteboard markers.
fwjs28 kelseymh8 years ago
yes, i used the thick sharpie labeled Sharpie Chisel tip permenent marker
You're actually just taking off the skin that has the marker on it.
Permanent is relevant. Permanent markers simply last longer then non-permanent ones.
mg0930mg8 years ago
Ahh. they are permanent markers. I wouldn't use them for shirt making, though. For shirt-making I'd suggest a speedball paint or fabric paint. They work 10x longer and better than sharpies. God Speed.
Derin8 years ago
Sharpies are sharpies.
xACIDITYx8 years ago
A line of permanent markers from the company "Stanford".
Oh my goodness! You poor poor thing! It's the best marker in the world!
mikeasaurus8 years ago
google is your friend