What is the best way of derusting a knife blade?

My multitools main blade has started to rust, I have tried using WD-40 but it is not doing very well. The blade is carbon-steel if that helps at all.

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Re-design6 years ago
There are chemicals that will remove the rust. There are electrical methods. Unless it's very bad I would just use very fine sandpaper or steel wool and polish the rust off. When you're satisfied with the result apply a very small bit of oil and keep the knife clean and dry.
PotatoCoffee (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Thanks, The rust is not to bad, but it seems to go quite far into the blade so sandpaper probably won't do the job. Anyway thank you for replying, I really appriciate it!
Wire brush & sandpaper. You can even sharpen it back up nice with sandpaper :)

Dont be afraid to rinse it with water but dont use WD-40 at the end.
Use 3in1oil or anything labeled lubricating oil or the like. Motor oil is fine.
WD-40 is penetrating oil & if you leave it on there itll rust worse than before.
PotatoCoffee (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everybody!
dkop16 years ago
I use wd-40 and some steel wool to remove the rust, then coat the knife in 3-in-1.