Where can i get cheap caps for a cap gun that uses 8 "round" caps?

I bought a cheap $2.50 cap gun and a 96 cap package. I used about half of them before i found a resonable way to ignite them. But still after it still works on a 50-50 basis. Now i'm down to one 8 "round" cap left. All i see are those "roll caps" and they don't work for mine. All i found on Ebay was the gun itself. I need a way to get more caps for my gun.

Wolf Seril8 years ago
I've seen them at walgreens. Try there.
NYPA (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
where they super bang? how many?
Wolf Seril NYPA8 years ago
Uhh... I'm not really sure. I just kinda walked by them and was like "Oh I remember when I used to play with those".
NYPA (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
thanks. Its better than surviving with 8.