Where should I go on a date? Im 11 But Im mature!

Im a 11 year old guy and I need some advice from other girls or guys who have been on dates.  My gf cant tell her parents though but I can tell mine. All im asking for is advice not Your Too Young Stuff. Im also very mature and Im almost 12.  I also want to hold hands with her butnI dont want to kiss because I think im too young. Just asking for advice. Thanks (:

ASL101419 days ago

Sadly all i can say is that you are too young maturity means nothing if you supposed girlfriend can't tell her parents then you are too young. Sorry I know this is not the aster you were looking for.

Kiteman28 days ago

Just go do something fun:

Go for a walk, take a picnic.

Sit in the garden with a cold drink and listen to each other's music.

Go hang out with your friends.

Go to a movie, share popcorn.

Go for a burger.

... here's an idea - why not ask her what she wants to do?

Every 11, 12 and 13 year old is vary mature and thinks they know everything. That's what being a tween is all about. Just go hang out and have a good time where you usually would. Why label it a date and add undue pressure to the situation. Go hang out somewhere and have a good time talking to each other.