Why isn't it letting me publish my instructable?

Today I have finished creating a instructable on how to make chocolate spiders. On the final stage before publishing it I added my keywords in, entered a contest and so forth then I clicked on publish and it wouldn't let me . So then I went back to preview my instructable and waited for all my photos to be loaded completely. Added the keywords again and entered the contest and it still comes up with this error. What am I doing wrong can someone help please?

That happened to me too, which is when I learned I can't publish from my phone. Are you using your phone or a computer?

Kiteman9 months ago

Put, commas, between, your, key, words.

Downunder35m9 months ago

1. Wrong section as I fail to see the technology problem here.
2. Already several similar threads in the forum section, so please check them for the response from the code monkeys please.


Code monkeys as programmers have feelings..and the robot avatar gets inundated on the week end... never submit Friday eve, Sat, Sum and Mon am California time... if you are in a hurry...