can I put 8GB micro SD on my nintendo DS R4?

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rinley3 years ago

Far as i knew, currently, r4ds can just support micro sd card 2G, so if you want play more games , suggested you buy r4i gold like this one :,ood-r4i-gold-3ds-flash-cart-for-3ds-xl-3ds-dsi-and-ds-lite-p-1.html ,it uses famous wood firmware as well,and it was the best r4 card,support micro sd card 2g-32g and 100% game compatibility.

Danields5 years ago
No, the original R4 card can not support SDHC, so you can not use a SD card more than 2G, if you want to use a SDHC (4G, 8G or even more), you should buy R4i gold or Acekard 2i.  Make sure the card you buy is from the official team, such as this one buy R4i gold from  is the best 3DS r4 card, And just take a look at the pic i attach, Take care of the other clones, do not buy the fake cards.
dsman1952768 years ago
no, the R4 is not SDHC compatible. i would reccomend you get a new card, since the R4 is no longer being made and updated, so not all roms work on it. get a Acekard 2 or something like that. i got my acekard for $13.00 and it works great, and would would with your 8GB micro SD.
UltraMagnus8 years ago
get an acekard 2 or edge, the R4 is no longer manufactured and the R4s that say they can take SDHC cards are fakes. has more info
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a better card

something like this

it supports SDHC