can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w


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gmxx6 years ago
NO. Power wise, the controller should be rated for the current draw of the two motors. The problem is that EMF from the motors tends to fry seed controllers when 2 or more motors are hooked up to a single ESC. I have had this problem in the past.
jbutcher05 (author) 6 years ago
so could i use a bigger speed controller say a 48v 800w???? thanks
How about just using a 24 volt 700 watt controller and run the motors in parallel?
jbutcher05 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
i cant seem to find one of them its only a 48 volt 800w controller would that do???
Only if you are using both motors in series . Steve
lemonie6 years ago
If you ran them in series, you'd only get ~half the 700W. But if you want the full 700, you need another controller, either another of the same or one designed for 700W+ L
Re-design6 years ago
No. It's meant to control 1 motor. Controlling 2 would make it work twice as hard as it is designed to. There is probably a way to add transistors to it to increase the power rating but I'd have to research how exactly to do that.