can somebody show me how to mod a tech target gun to fire rounds from a longshot clip?

i am trying to plan a nerf war, and i want to be able to use longshot clips in my tech target gun

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chopstx8 years ago
you could if you had the guts to rip open your tech target and also, how would you make the gun hold the clip? also, arent the dart sizes different? it seems to me this is impossible. sorry. good luck.
narutomaniac (author)  chopstx8 years ago
ive already taken it apart once. it can fire the longshot darts, but its a pain to reload...
Do I get best answer?
Buy a Recon CS6. Better than the tech target gun, trust me, I've had them both, and it fires the darts by default. Or you could get the Raider, that fires from a drum, but I've been unable to find one to buy.
Go to a site called "" use the serch feature I believe you are looking for an "Angel breech", Also you can find out about nerf wars in your area,and everything else about nerf.
badblb8 years ago
it might be possible but i highly doubt u could make it work do u mean the the pistol or the really small pistol