can you glue drop in tiles to a ceiling?

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caarntedd7 years ago
aeromancy7 years ago
I'm assuming that your talking about drop-ceiling tiles. You can glue them to the a ceiling, but it depends om what the previous ceiling is. If it is already drywalled, you can simply glue the tiles to the drywall. If your ceiling is unfinished (exposed joists), then you can run a board (1X3 for example) flat, perpendicular to the joists, spacing them apart the size of your tile (ie. for a 1X1 tile, you would put the boards up with1' centering.) You can then glue the drop ceiling directly to these boards
Re-design7 years ago
You can but it's better if you staple them up.  YOu can put the staples in the hidden edges.   I've done this before.  If you decide to take them down you just pull out hte staples.

If you glue you have to support them until the glue dries.  Very tedious and time consuming.  Few glues will support even the foam tiles until it has set.
lemonie7 years ago
I've read this 5 times and I'm still no better aware what you're asking.
Do you want to glue some tiles to a ceiling? What tiles, what glue, what sort of ceiling?

.  I'm assuming the OP meant something similar to a suspended ceiling.
Well aye, but it's glue + , what is the key technological obstacle in this?

.  Excuse me, I meant the tiles for a suspended ceiling. Ie, I think the OP is wanting to glue suspended ceiling tiles to the ceiling.
Yes I got that, but it's a glue &- question isn't it? What do these powdery-things need gluing to - paint / plasterboard?

.  Just about any glue that will work with porous surfaces (Super Glue® is out) should work. The panels are not very dense and are not (usually) subject to much impact. Contact cement works well. I'm assuming OP would know (or read instructions) to prep surfaces before applying adhesive.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Yes. Use the same glue you would use for other acoustic tiles.
.  The edges are probably going to look a little rough.