degital PSU transformr details needed ?

hi all
i got my hands on an old degital power supply unit , the model is : koocu 1501t
it is 0-15 volt , with variable voltage and amperage
see picure
but unfortunately , it was not working
i opened it , it has a big transformer with one pair of wires as primary (220 v) and 3 pairs as secondery ( green - black and yellow)
search for datashhet or any details about the transformer , and found nothing
i need to know the value of the three outpots voltages so i can replace them .
thank you in advance , ad sorry for the bad english :)

Picture of degital PSU transformr details needed ?
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If the PSU isn't working, chances are it's not a problem with the transformer. Use a meter and test the transformer outputs. Keep in mind the outputs will be AC. But really you should be looking at other components like any fuses or capacitors that are more likely to fail. Than go from there.
lu2a (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
actually there was a fuse in the back ( between the 220 v and the primary ) i looked at it and its wire was intact , and to be more sure i skipped it and linked the transformer directly to 220v main power , is there a problem in that ?
i'll measure the output with a multimeter , and will keep you informed
any idea how to figure out the values of outputs ? i only want to know the values so i can replace them with an atx psu or something else .
Plug it in and measure the transformer. As i said i doubt the transformer is the problem.
lu2a (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
you were right
I’ve looked carefully at the components , and found fired chip (LM37...)
I’ll replace it as soon as i can , and tell you if anything comes up
thank you sir :)